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That evening Lu Yan Ling Xi an excuse to find something more to live next door to room 301 left Xiao Feng and Wang Shuxiu. Two hearts do not know how to think, the more color is thrilled. He rubbed his hair Ling Xi Lu, gravely tone of hope: "If every day like Xiao Feng." Xu solve three things, Lee uncle no more be in the flower garden. When he walked to greet Lu Yan Ling Xi and more to his house for dinner, was Yanyue Wan refused, and the way they come already eaten. "Unfortunately." Uncle Lee shook his head.

Since the two were together, we received the first shipment also pay attention to someone. Li Weisheng thought, though he and Lu Ling Xi first collaboration, but sent to the micro-gardening potted confidence, to think first look Qiu Tian gardening, if they still will not have time to go back and change. With this intention, Li Weisheng Lu Ling Xi on the right track: "Little West you first, and so, I received a bonsai to say here." Yen more quickly drove over, Lu Ling Xi about the car, suddenly a bit shocked. Lu Ling Xi suddenly stared, his heart jumped violently. "Mom found how to do?" Plant Requirements: Fertilizers Xiao Feng did not speak, seems to be quiet for a while in the discretion of the tone, "I'm going over period of days and brought flowers to the card, and follow me flowers Konishi Do not worry, I will not let her wronged. You are floret his son, the future is my son. I've never been married nor had children, I do not know how others do father, but I will try to learn to be a qualified father. If you prefer, you can call me dad, do not want to peak, then called brother, uncle anything. no matter what is called, does not affect you as a son, I see. " Black did not call out, just gently licked finger Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi mouth slightly cocked, eyes become warm. Land and water is a slap shot her a shorter length, holding his arm up loud yell. "Is not the last time you I do not give money, you see what I was labeled a. If you did not these things off to, I one arm gone." Lu Ling Xi sat wrapped in blankets, look ignorant, "out of the rain?" Solve these problems, they looked around and left the flower garden together. Yan Xiao Feng did not ask what more do intend to take the flower garden, the Yen Xiao Feng did not ask the follow-up arrangements. It ended the tacit cooperation, no more to say.

Xiao Feng these remarks prepared for a long time. Although Lu Ling Xi looked cute and naive, for him and Wang Shuxiu things did not object, but Xiao Feng think these words should still say to listen to Miss Ling Xi. He and Wang Shuxiu together, and not just the two of them do, but Lu Ling Xi count three things. Ling Xi Lu is not a child, he is willing to Lu Ling Xi treat as equal adults, Lu Ling Xi given due respect and freedom of choice. Having Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng did not wait for anything, said Ling Xi Lu hand patted the shoulder, and turned leisurely back to the house. Ye Kang Ling Xi Lu thought that the idea is interesting, but he looked at the two expressions is a move in mind. Yan is not like the attitude coax landing Lingxi Offhand, but faint trace of a sure earnest. His gaze swept in on their faces, it looked a little wistfully. "Something you Lin Yi went home trip. Oh, you do not remember who you are, right Lin Yi, Lin Yi few days find you eat a meal together." Colleague Wang Shuxiu mouth is Lin Yi Lin and her work with the United States these days no less to her for the class. Wang Shuxiu want to take a noon hidden in this room which, not feel particularly safe. After much deliberation decided to give Lin Mei said loudly, to put their house in this room a few days. Xiao Feng silent black tail grabbing it from the inside pulled out the cake, black wore a cream struggling with.

Cub afternoon to send the store when the grapes are catching up with high Yongliang over. High Yongliang casual attitude, as if unintentionally passing on the way to visit, like the fact that it is. Last met on the high Yongliang Wang Shuxiu very good impression. Maybe people are prejudiced, he first met Lu Ling Xi, subconsciously felt Lu Ling Xi can keep out so that the child's mother is absolutely not bad. When he met with Wang Shuxiu, while the other, and he imagined gentle different, but Wang Shuxiu unique hearty crisp left a deep impression. "Ok."Solvent Dyestuff Yen more nodded, Wang Chaoliang study handed pass in front of Xue. Compared layman incomprehensible, whatever the outcome is Xue Tong insiders who understand the value of reading almost Chlorophytum. This and more color variation mentioned last time, like eelgrass, environmental and social value greater economic value. Xue Tong is not short-sighted people, immediately echocardiography. Whether disinfecting cleaning fluid or sphagnum moss, which has micro-gardening. Lu Ling Xi first follow the appropriate scaling good disinfectant, then the dried sphagnum moss soaked in water for years, so it is completely saturated with water. After the preparatory work to do, he began carefully cleaning orchids.

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