High-wash Dyestuff

"Thirty million." Father leaves quietly last placards. To get that done after a small gray fish dry, Fang Lei Ling Xi Lu gave a telephone call. The content is simple, he can finally communicate with small gray, but now for a cat he has not had time to come? Wang Shuxiu photographed a slap, Ling Xi Lu opened his eyes after a few minutes, once again in the dark.

"I……" Twenty years ago, two Yin Yan marriage, Yinjialin only daughter married the Yan family's only son. Yan Yongde on such a daughter, all huge fortune as a dowry. Yinjialin company incorporated logical Yen family, and co-founded the Temple Group. Two conventions, and future heir Temple Group is the only clear blue Yin and Yan Shihui children. Zheng Yan to see the New River immediately bring the spirit, "Konishi it?" Ling Xi Lu Chunlan Imagine staring at a lot of good prospects, he turned around and saw a large black smile touched its head, "Black to be optimistic about this strain Chunlan, after your chicken depends on it." Big black landing whimpered Ling Xi Lu Ling Xi mind a turn to guess Black's mind, it looked funny, soothing along the hair, coax she said: "I let Grandpa Zhang took orchids, not a big black bad care. today at noon to eat a big black chicken how? " Heart sigh for a long time, Dongzhi think of one thing, "Yes, today you will be able to go back to the big black belt." Man's voice was deep and pleasant, Lu Ling Xi squat on the ground, from his point of view man, tall man just felt incredible. He could not see the man's face, only to hear a man's voice regret, "That is a pity, I was ready to adopt it."

"Mom something?" Lu Ling Xi turned around to see Wang Shuxiu. Gained much gas, peak brother must marry the boss and flowers, this old cop would dare to dig Peak brother corner. He turned and put the matter told Xiao Feng, indignation on the phone and asked: "? Do you want me to beat him up and fly two"High-wash Dyestuff "OK, OK, ah, the king of flowers I warn you enough ah!" The land of water hanging arm last no fighting in the hospital, while only beaten while back. Lu Ling Xi looked around with interest, did not find that big yellow dog. "A yellow it?"

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