Big black ears shook, ran up a small side of Lu Ling Xi, squatting in front of him. Lu Ling Xi habitually touched the big black head, the little boy's face lit up, cried excitedly, "My brother and big black dog you speak, you are not able to understand the big black dog, then?" Yan Yan Shihui finally understand the mind. "How long you planning?" After Yan Ling Xi Lu and more to discuss, specifically to find time to see the see Xue Tong. The more I heard Yan come to their own, Xue Tong heart still wondering what happened? Just a few days before the two met in high Yongliang there, these days nothing else ah? Is heavy snowfall influenced by micro-gardening, Yan himself looking more help?

"Yan brother you come back?" Yan Yan Yongde accompany the Phoenix hill to climb when Lu Ling Xi only just got up. Wang Shuxiu not previously been divorced because of Lu Ling Xi, but this time Ling Xi Lu suffered a heavy injury, people are almost gone, a land or water bubbles on the surface did not reveal even a roulette, Wang Shuxiu completely lost hope. Even Lu Ling Xi later recovered memories with her naughty, she married this from settled. In early March, Xiao Hong and Xiao Feng came back from the northwest. There things are handled almost, two misses home, but also no more than to be in there. "OK, no problem." Prior to the delivery, these QiuJun to pick a good pot is watering and fertilization, and sent all the leaves cleaned it again. He wants to ensure that these large leaves and green dill Pachira brother to Lee when alive here, looking pleasant. As expected, as the Yen, Yin Ya is now to take a chance. She asked Zhang Yan Shihui must catch up before returning home ready for new drug application report, new drugs must be listed in any event, it relates to her ability to gain a firm foothold in the Cape together. "Konishi." Yuehua Jian Yan in the hands of the coat draped to Lu Ling Xi's body, holding his hand a slight frown, "how how cold hands?" Lai four so that is not good neighbors continue to talk anymore. They smiled and nodded his head and turned back to the hospital. Woman slowly let go, stone head face turned red, big mouth panting. Woman touched his head, praised the sentence, "Yes, just very obedient, as long as you have been so obedient, I'll take you to my father."

Men sit and watch on the pickup next to this scene, the one called out, "Well, what was left to them to leave." Yuehua Jian man looked over, glanced at the land-water one, facing Wang Shuxiu said: "Qianzhaihaiqian right and proper. I lost land and water a large sum of money, you can not blame me move things foreclosed. this can be worth something, that is a Tim head. I feel better today, the rest of the things will not move a. a water Lu owe money to give you slow for a week, you can figure. " Yan Yue: "......"Ciclopirox In the silent insistence Yen Lu Ling Xi compromise. His big black Lakaichemen schematically on the bus first, was about to follow up, the more sideways Yan opened the front door, and said: "Sit in front of it, some chaos behind." Dongzhi nodded. Black injury almost recovered, pay attention to me no problem. Accustomed to the outside unfettered life, now being held in a cage all day, very large black temper temper. Ling Xi Lu is also a day to feed them when to gentle point, usually no less big black pet store to see a doctor to scare other pets. It was made Dongzhi headache, anxious Lu Ling Xi quickly led away to it.

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