High-light Dyestuff

Not to mention the mother then married, my grandfather gave her a 50% stake diluted. Yan more do not want to comment more mother's behavior, but denied rumors that the mother is the "pig teammates." Grandfather kindness he no thanks, but not everyone is willing to let him come back the same as my grandfather. Lu Ling Xi slept before to say have forgotten, but it is more Yen chew sentence. Konishi said he was dead, but alive, how would there be such a strange idea? He sat on the sofa fathom another Ling Xi Lu, there was a vague sound of his brother, so his heart can not tell doubts. "Will Ah Wong followed up?" Lu Ling Xi guess, but does not rule out an accident Ah Wong. This time Ling Xi Lu has refused to conceal it, he touched the big black head, so as soon as Black found Ah Wong.

Wang Shuxiu and doctors are being pulled quickly release the doctor's hand, a few steps rushed to the bedside. Lu Ling Xi think ecstatic, next to the patient on the bed muttering something turned a body. He was startled movement behind, carefully looked back OK everyone asleep, eyes again fell in front of a white panel above. In just when he turned white as he turned the panel also moves the position, has remained at a distance of about 30 cm in front of him. Fang Lei laughed: "That a few stray dogs are now being adopted Force, so a few days off to see are good physique, smart strength there, just do not listen, get them through the town to the big black." Go near it was found, at the corner of the bend in the stack has a lot of rotten plants and flowers. Estimates are purged from the surrounding stalls out. Su Wei and several positive same age old man crouched there, his face a pity pick and choose. Yan the heart of a dynamic, wished he could immediately went over to the juvenile a pro, but when the juvenile is clean of eyes, forced to restrain the impulse at heart. I do not know the sun, the little boy looked at some black, but her eyes are big and bright, very aura. Lu Ling Xi nodded, directed at the boy kindly smile. "Big black back." He greeted loudly. Dogs going around on the go, the more color black with a big back from the outside. Big black one into the hospital, these dogs immediately dispersed. Led the old dog yet moving off toward the big black dog bowl shook direction, whispered cry, schematically big black eat. They have no one to speak, a touch of warmth around the perimeter of the room only sound emitted by the TV. Lu Ling Xi At this time only to find black sneak out, he leaned over and picked up a rather timid black, a small channel:. "I pets, black"

"Wait, how and so on? You know how much money to spend for a day hospital? Do your black heart hospital so that my son had been unconscious, you are not going to give me a statement?" "Pooh." Xiao Feng Wang Shuxiu the angry one, turned their first laugh. Lu Ling Xi warning along its look at the past, across the street, Huskies silver squatting pet shop door, an eager want rushing look. However, because of the large black, Huskies forward tentatively took a few times, did not dare to really rushing. Too excited last night, causing him to fall asleep almost two o'clock in the morning unknowingly sleep for a while. Just opened his eyes, Lu Ling Xi to smell the aroma of the food. He rubbed his eyes dressed, opened the door to see Wang Shuxiu is busy in the kitchen.

"How about a raise? Live it?" Ling Xi Lu in the bookstore to buy a lot of books, mostly of flowers planted on farming and the like. Yi-Hang boring behind Lu Ling Xi, do not know what these books look good.High-light Dyestuff Lu Ling Xi nodded and thought seriously and said: "Xiao Feng him ...... he and his father, not the same as before." He tried to want to explain, "he told me I was free to call him, no matter what I did not recognize deny him, he regarded me as a son, he asked me not to worry, that he would take good care of my mother. "here, Lu Ling Xi paused, these words from his mouth and say it seems to be very common, but he would think Xiao Feng and Lu Lu Guangjing a water well is not the same. "Shaw one million." Yan more robust, More laughter.

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