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"You are very good here." Bearer is watching a middle-aged man forties, entered the store on the eyes flash of surprise, then smiled landing Ling Xi, generous praise Road. Ye Kang ironic smile, "poor health is his brother David Laris safe. You've been in a foreign country do not know the circumstances of their home. Laris Ann you have the impression of it, we have seen a child, thin and small, it is insignificant. Later he had leukemia, his mother gave birth to a child, that is, Lu Ling Xi. leukemia is not required matching consistency of human bone marrow transplant it? it is said that Lu Ling Xi is specifically born to Laris Ann transplanted bone marrow. so many years lujia has raised him at home nor how to see people come out, some time ago I heard Laris Ann's condition has worsened, then I do not know how the surgery when something went wrong. By the way did not resign before Sulang Laris is responsible for security, and I also see Sulang by the time of the accident involved only speech of the post. " "Roar."

Wang Shuxiu waved his hand, "Do not worry, Peak brother who was okay, not the kind of chaos to the people." He also forced to land a force of water, and never implicated families. As for how to find the money a land of water, he would not care. Xiao Feng and Wang Shuxiu together, really want to thank the "rain" the matchmaker. "I……" Lu Ling Xi, then let the other side suddenly stared, mouth reproved, "the little bastard, I am your father, your head is not broken up? I do not even know." Tian sister lips say, but my heart I could not help but envy Wang Shuxiu. Lu Ling Xi child really sensible, just sensible people feel bad. Do not worry about Lu Ling Xi before amnesia how, she felt from amnesia after watching Lu Ling Xi manifested nature, before memory loss is definitely not a bad kid. "Your father is the first year I'm sorry, do I can not pursue their own happiness?" Lu Yan a water head hit the car, loudly: "I am not a man, I am sorry for the wife and kids, I put the money at home and lost the lot, people called me live." "You say they will not stay with ......" He hung up the phone, greeting Xiao Feng Wang Shuxiu belly ribs rush out and buy, and then later the fear is no good point of the ribs. Xiao Feng holding a purse ready to go, he told Wang Shuxiu Before leaving, "what flowers you are alone do not control, so I came back to wash rice pack."

Plant Chlorophytum meet demand, the heart of the plant reward +1. Xue Tong: "......" Wang Shuxiu thought, did not say anything. AGF cell is the cell name where Lu Ling Xi. Now popular name than Fengcheng Town xx, xx world, xx Shuiyun like, the name can be described as the dregs of the earth. However, as the number of cell Fengcheng the earliest buildings, AGF cell now also home residents are basically ten years old neighbors. A bit of money have moved away, leaving considerable period of time called habit, but that the cell name shouted cordial nice. Away Yan Yue, Lu Ling Xi began the routine of daily watering. Black squatted helplessly looked on him, glanced around the small tomatoes crave a look from time to time. Lu Ling Xi look in the eyes, could not help relented. He put down his pipe squatted in front of a large black, with a straight face with big black eye with: "You know, do not let you eat tomatoes for hello." Lu Ling Xi clinging to the kitchen door at her ingratiating smile, Wang Shuxiu did not get his way, "the garlic mixed with eggplant, right? I'll wait to buy eggplant." "Konishi, I think this pot plants with the pots that better?" "Welcome! Han brother?" Yen more surprised a moment, then broke into laughter again. Easy route let the strange name Yan more slight frown, he just really wanted to say to his delivery, just looked a Dulin, refrained from opening. Lu Ling Xi lack of social experience, what he says are easy to fool the past, Dulin looked on smart, but also on land Ling Xi is to take care that he does not want to be seen what Dulin, but bad. Anyway Dulin few days left to say when.

Inside the staff a bit surprised, "how to come back so soon?" Since the last accident, Grandma Wang's legs would not so agile, and had to pay attention to wind and rain. Grandma Wang Wang Chaoliang said several times, the king grandmother restless, not every day Getting around is a bunch of old lady shouted cells play croquet. Wang Chaoliang No way, Grandma Wang had to buy a few good warm pants kneepad, afraid Grandma Wang suffered a cold cold, it can still be blowing up. But also the loss of a leg, Wang grandmother and then not to doctor's words lightly.

Lu Ling Xi wrestled with want to find an excuse, Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu suspiciously looked a sudden hand on his head and claps his face with a smile and said:? "I have no money how afraid your mother know little bastard distressed mom?. Rest assured, your mother who I am, how could the money. do not listen to your father Hu Lie Lie, even if there is no other money you must have in hospital. " And bid farewell to the old Han Cheng brother, easy route looked on this strain of Clivia. Even if he did not know what, but also look out of this strain of Clivia afraid to die. "The youngest, you sure?" Easy Hang Shixinshiyi fear, after all, is a land Lingxi first day of work, can not be saved in case there are any bad effect how to do?Ciclopirox olamine The thing ...... Yinyong De shook his head, Xiaoya also grown up, not that timid child took his brother's sleeve and asked why the girl did not like her, and began to have their own thinking about this. Lu Ling Xi felt his heart would soften, and carrying a large black bear to let go for a long time.

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