The blue cyanine B

But these can only prove Lu Ling Xi easy to have a crush on him, it does not mean he can do the job. Micro-gardening, though small, but it is Dulin effort. Inside a grass flowers are Dulin their hard cultivated. Not only that she worked so hard on this street a firm footing, small little-known, saying only that she likes these plants and flowers, you do not understand you do not want to find people to spoil them. Ling Xi Lu has been for some time did not think Sulang, and always thought Sulang back in Beijing, heard some strange, "Dr. Su Beijing Huizhong not it?" Ye Kang laughed language, Yan Fu Fei heart is more like a treasure found dragon, can not wait to Lu Ling Xi Tibetan tightly, and how he would be willing to say that.

Lu Ling Xi shook his head, he is nothing to grasp, but let him looking at what this strain of Clivia dead not do anything, he can not do. Luguang Jing Li Yao again interrupted, then told the steward to send out Luguang Jing, Li did not want to have home and home land of what is involved. Off the Luguang Jing, Li Yao Li Caiying turned to the room. The doctor said mining surplus just played tranquilizers to sleep. Li Yao sister looked pale and slim face, a deep sigh. He did not know how to put surplus mining days go into now. Taoxintaofei eldest son is a supercilious look wolf, sensible and well-behaved young son died early. She grabbed a lifetime of man is a wimp, from the individual to the middle-aged paranoia seriously crazy. If I had known this day would, then she will also fancy Luguang Jing, Lu insisted to marry at home? AGF cell situation here better drainage in the cell although aging badly, but the growth of lush vegetation on the ground trapped locked a lot of rain. The people do not see the place, whether it is a tree or blade of grass, their roots are trying to stretch out the absorption of rainwater storage. The lead man looking at his forties, his eyes there was a long scar on the thumb. Yin Zhi his face, cold voice asked: "? Did not see what they look like." Speaking of Lu Ling Xi fell silent, every time this time he does not know how to face the easy route. Easy route to see he did not speak heart some regret, cursed his tender the tender spot. "Well, I do not say this, can not remember even, and now is also very good. Yes, the old cop and your cooperation today came up and gave a bottle of perfume flowers sister, you know?" Lu Ling Xi heard some loss, etc. after he react immediately pointed ears red. But speaking in addition to the morning outside a little sleepy, Lu Ling Xi's body without any exception. Yan is not how the more a night to sleep, but now they are still as lively as ever. They know that this is the effect of evolution, evolution not only bring animals and exchanges, as well as physical upgrade and improve. Much is at stake in the rainforest, just all kinds of poisonous snakes, poisonous frogs, poisonous spiders do not know how many, lurks many other dangerous animals. While the convenience of staff at the station was built inside the rain forest, but also not too deep. Directly to the three upstairs, easy route for taking the time to come by to say hello. Bai Ling Xi Lu Wei grabbed him and asked to be like? Lu Ling Xi promised a cry, quickly wash finished. He was about helping chopsticks gracefully, but inadvertently see the backyard, the surprise from ear to ear. Short night time, last night actually planted tomato seeds are sprouted. Green shoots from the top of the soil, suffer suffer crowded crowded covered the entire backyard.

Lu Ling Xi react somewhat embarrassed, "Fang brother I Queenan, the store is gained with the help of Brother watching. If you worry if the little gray cub brother to like." Ling Xi Lu Yan cry rang the phone, light smiled and said:. "Lu Ling Xi" Wang Shuxiu strange facial expressions together, so a dog, there are people rushing to raise? Now even the little bastard is really not lie cheat. Her heart did not mind, his face took out random said: ".. Trekking, what can you say what was it called, oh, yes, he is a good big black dog" Ling Xi Lu and Yu Xiaojuan find that small stones when small stones are sitting in a small three shouted: "I want to pee." "Really you want to open shop?" Yan to confirm the channel.

Lu Ling Xi really want to make progress Sulang research continues, but more so Yan said he was more worried about making investment decisions Yan too hasty, once said: "Yan Big Brother you do not control rubescens, and if this study ... ... " The right of a young man watching some hesitation said: "Brother, a look that is they do not understand anything tourist, I guess we did not see, or do not complicate the issue or the ......"The blue cyanine B Wang Shuxiu pursed his lips, too lazy ignores them, landing Ling Xi pull into the cell. Lu Ling Xi was born in eighteen years ago in Beijing, Lu home. Father Luguang Jing Lu is home son, mother Licai Ying Li is the eldest daughter of the house, the two perfect match married, the marriage of two Lu Li does not know how many people envy. How can the world be perfect? Luguang Jing and Li Caiying first child Laris security in the age of seven was found suffering from chronic myeloid leukemia. The initial test results came out, Laris Ann's condition is still in the chronic phase. Luguang Jing and Li Caiying with Laris Ann looked through a doctor countries, the conclusion and both are the only cure is only allograft.

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