Crotonic Acid

Lu Ling Xi think ecstatic, next to the patient on the bed muttering something turned a body. He was startled movement behind, carefully looked back OK everyone asleep, eyes again fell in front of a white panel above. In just when he turned white as he turned the panel also moves the position, has remained at a distance of about 30 cm in front of him. Bearer eyes flashed a touch of color, act decisively, "I bought this pot begonia." Shortly before noon, the micro-gardening temporarily no customers, Lu Yan Ling Xi was thinking of pulling the pair reconciled, he received Wang Shuxiu phone.

Lu Ling Xi thought, but also that he may want more. On the way back, Lu Ling Xi mood has been good. Large tracts of uncultivated farmland out of the window from the front passing, he thought of the micro-gardening small garden, if one day it all around the micro-gardening flower garden just fine. Xiao Hong did not mind, "There are a number of these things, put a burst gone. So once a year also, so that small West lots of fun." He turned to Lu Ling Xi, "When will you go with firecrackers accompany uncle, uncle the most good. " "You do not want to Qiu Tian gardening is done, my dad's the last time you sell those trees planted down only a few days TMD dead. Check the top soon, but this year the focus of the project, the new mayor staring at it, how do you say it? " Lu Ling Xi did not react, the Yen has pulled him step back. They looked up to see a little yellow monkey crouched not far from the trees, the flowers in his hand does not know what the fruits of landing Lingxi direction to try it. The more satisfied Yan laughed, forcing himself let go of the hand grasping the landing Ling Xi. Leading man in several prestige among the highest, so he said, there will be no objection to other people. Where that were high and strong man along the direction they face with the past, the few remaining people back to the depths of the rainforest again. Go before leading man looked daggers at the little tree, a monkey, little monkey creak cried, clutching the hands of a man's head toward the fruit to drop. Fang Lei look dignified, "What? What is the bag? Ordinary snake or cobra? Ask them the number of snakes, look at the number on the can." Wang Shuxiu getting in the way, the taxi just walk away, Wang Shuxiu not see the dog outside, but added that a middle of the street not far from the square, immediately pointed out to see Lu Ling Xi.

Soon the effort, and Xiao Wang Shuxiu on Mann talked together, never lack a common topic among women. Xiao Feng and Xiao Hong aside Couzhe interest, but also from time to time to ask a few Ling Xi Lu. After eating enjoyable, it touches people really have a feeling. Lu Ling Xi dazed thought, trying to open his eyes want to look around. Where the sight of a blur, he blinked hard, flash memory fragments, yes, here is the hospital. He is surgery, her brother's body has a problem, the doctor said the brother is acute renal failure, his brother as HLA-identical matching compatriot who is the best transplant candidates. Ground Huskies also seems to know Dongzhi girlfriend in it, carrying two front paws over his eyes, like a man ashamed. House, Wang Shuxiu looked at him strangely and said: "how to go out for so long?" Arms around a few people left the hospital, Lu Ling Xi had been standing in front of a window watching their backs, eyes flashed a trace of envy. Chat the afternoon he could feel bound by their easy route, he has been trying to integrate them, but did not seem to succeed. I do not know the easy route and Zheng sigh they will not feel his character becomes erratic, thus losing several friends?

Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu did not think so much, what married to buy a house that is too far away to do. He felt that he and Wang Shuxiu to live with very good, and as long as his hard, micro-gardening business slowly on the right track, he is certainly not a problem to feed Wang Shuxiu. Wang Shuxiu been working hard for so many years, but also the good rest. Before Lu Ling Xi While it has been to stay at home, but through the network to the outside world is also fairly understanding. Three years of high school plus four years of college, tuition living expenses add up to seven years in terms of Wang Shuxiu is definitely a heavy burden. If you do not know the family's economic situation, Lu Ling Xi is capable of reading endless desire for one thing. All his memories about the school have stayed in the third grade. Wide school playground, bustling students get together, there is the bell sweet laugh very gentle teacher. A car accident, he was forced to drop out from school. Initially there are a few good students to play a teacher to follow up to see him, a long time, no one would see him. They have forgotten him, but he never forgets elementary school life.Crotonic Acid Yen more misunderstood his meaning, while driving coax said:. "Flowerbed there a place to live, but also a change of clothes, even if the rains do not need to worry about." Lu Ling Xi look shyly, but nodded, a small channel:. "The last time I asked Dr. Su, he said, can the"

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