Methyl Crotonate

Plant survival degree: high Yan did not how to speak more, seems to have been listening opposite he said. He quickly hung up the phone, apologetic look to Lu Ling Xi, "Konishi I have something to leave for a while, you wait for me in the store, I come home in the afternoon to pick you up." Black more pity.

"Is it strange to know, his change is too big now!" Not far in front, land and water a bandage wrapped around his head, one arm hanging in the chest, is in command of several burly men 101 from the inside out while carrying things. A green pickup truck parked on the outside 101, a tall lean man sitting in the back of the pickup, a cigarette dangling lazily, occasionally cry. Way back, Lu Ling Xi some difficulties, unknowingly carrying a large black sleep. Yen more to see him asleep, subconsciously slow down the speed, the more smoothly open up from the rearview mirror. Ye Kang in the hearts of the habit of analysis, suddenly coming into the entrance to a large black dog. This should be a large black? Ye Kang guess. Sure enough, Lu Ling Xi eyes light up, "big black you back, Yan brother do?" "Let's go back." Yan more scowled suddenly he said. Few Extra Pounds old man after the initial accident, and soon hearty laugh. "Young people want to help is a good thing to come, I'll teach you how to use." Micro-gardening in the evolution of spider plants to cultivate a lot of land Ling Xi and Xue through the opening of the authorization, the two together, by the name of the micro-gardening technology companies, within a short span of one month, even with the external authorization plus direct sales, severely hit the jackpot a fortune. Micro-gardening technology companies through this thing into the eyes of everyone horticultural circles. Wang Shuxiu craft good, pancakes golden color, crisp outside and soft and very tasty. Lu Ling Xi distracted bite, taking advantage of Wang Shuxiu mood seems good, he whispered quickly said:. "Mom, I got a job." Wang Shuxiu hand paused, and said nothing. Peak brother card room is not closed is small, nearby people basically know. In addition to the kind of excessive gambling by nature, guests chess room, there are many good is this one, an occasional pastime of. This time around no less talking, do not know what happened, let off peak brother chess room. Wang Shuxiu old now, and certainly do not think that the last peak brother for a few words off the chess room, but after hearing the news, could not help a bit complicated.

Seven o'clock, when Lu Ling Xi packed store things, holding a large black walking on the way home. One day down, he always felt something missing, I thought realized that today does not seem to see the Yen. Black recuperate these days, every day at noon Yan will look at the big black, seems to have become a habit. Lu Ling Xi shook his head, still early, if he had told Wang Shuxiu said, Wang Shuxiu certainly have to rush to catch up. Better to say late, but also let her sleep for a while, he just put things away out. Old Han smiled, "Konishi, basin Clivia how I like it?" He questioned when a look of apprehension, afraid Lu Ling Xi to one dead. Lu Ling Xi nodded obediently. His side a Lakaichemen, QiuJun the eyes jump jump. While those Potted not moved out of the car, but visually lose their height on a chip. Wait until people logistical helped these potted moved down after all, a sight she will not move away. Among these, Lu Ling Xi Lu Guoxing was impressed. Lu Guoxing forties, long a square face, dusky, tall, a speaking voice shook Lu Ling Xi ears buzzing. He was originally just an ordinary worker inside the flower garden, but he is also the only one to see Lu Ling Xi nurture these common begonias begonias and different people. Yan Lu Guoxing investigated the background after, just put him put up. Lu Ling Xi at the time he was assistant Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi is not the time, even if he is the person in charge here flowerbed. Yan no more gossip interest Kang Ye so high, just look a touch of listening, occasionally whispered back soon. "Huh?" Lu Ling Xi bit surprised, then laughed, "I am Ling Xi Lu, Yen brother and you said?" Wang Shuxiu shook his head, the little bastard on the face kinda got the idea. But she did not seriously, the more people Yan good little bastard much so a very good friend. Xiao Feng do not care smiled, "I have married and flowers, Konishi now is my son, if he dares to come back trouble interrupted his legs. As for the others even if, when it is given a flower Jide." This idea is only fleeting, Yan more subconsciously over the juvenile's neck bite. He was not willing to be too hard, but still sensitive Lu Ling Xi groan | Yin loudly. Yen more stable mind, and in his place Kenshi licked, juvenile body shocked, the more color chuckled, dumb channel: "Konishi I love you."

He's really feel sorry, if Fang Lei one hour earlier call, he had time to change the itinerary, the small West can sleep will. Father standing behind his mother, his face look obscure complex, he looked at his father to see his mother, obedient nod.Methyl Crotonate Black: "......" His questions for the Yen a bit of shock, "What?"

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