Disperse Dyestuff

Konishi is a small West, this is unique in the world Lu Ling Xi. Lu Ling Xi shook his head embarrassed, embarrassed to say fear of night to do spring | Renee to the Yen. Yen more guess what he meant, but looked down embarrassed juvenile look, just feel a soft-hearted into a pool of water. "Backyard tomatoes really look good, the next time you send seeds met people remember to thank people."

Between a black and yellow dogs being deadlocked, a look at about five-year-old boy far from the village ran past, shouting his mouth seems big yellow dog's name. The little boy did not notice until it came near the large black, very surprised, pointing a large black cried, "big black dog." Because of they are out of town, on the road to go very smoothly, originally foreseen for 40 minutes only took half an hour. They came to the airport, and Zhanglao Zhaolao not arrived yet. Lu Ling Xi curiously around, no matter to see what all feel interesting. Several people into the room, Xiao Feng's sister Xiao Man smiled welcome over. Xiao Man Bixiao hung with small teens, looked very young. She does not look like some northerners, petite, very gentle laugh. Xiao Hong stand together with a kind of "Beauty the Beast" feeling. Yinyong De took a deep breath, easing tone: "A more psychological aspects of some of the problems in foreign countries has been to see a psychiatrist that kid leaves home to learn these do not estimate a bit more and the Arab relations this thing actually. not a bad thing, the Arab has been concealed from us, we'll know soon accompanied the Arab mediation mediation. this thing is not a big deal, the Arab is too much pressure, Ye Hao to take this opportunity to rest. " Ling Xi Yi Lu Hang away sat beside Yan Yue, his hand lies the floor is a small dwarf bamboo. Lu Ling Xi looked interesting, readily took the play up. Lu Ling Xi rain to put flowers at the door moved back to the store, some worried looking out of the sky. Less than five powerful dark, visibility is very low. Like this certainly can not go to a flower garden, a large black plum over there do not need to take care of his uncle to worry, he is now worried so much rain, how the Yen back. Lu Ling Xi felt his heart would soften, and carrying a large black bear to let go for a long time. "mom……" Cub afternoon to send the store when the grapes are catching up with high Yongliang over. High Yongliang casual attitude, as if unintentionally passing on the way to visit, like the fact that it is. Last met on the high Yongliang Wang Shuxiu very good impression. Maybe people are prejudiced, he first met Lu Ling Xi, subconsciously felt Lu Ling Xi can keep out so that the child's mother is absolutely not bad. When he met with Wang Shuxiu, while the other, and he imagined gentle different, but Wang Shuxiu unique hearty crisp left a deep impression.

Tips on the panel lights up, Lu Ling Xi first received such a large reward, heart not excited. He looked at the original panel display upgrade 0\1000 (step 1) and some worry about slow progress can not upgrade, now suddenly settle down the heart. Lu Ling Xi took underwater consciously shook his head. "Row." "How?" Yan Yue Ting asked the right one. Sulang laugh, "I'm out all cyclists, much faster than a car."

Yanyue Min Rui aware Lu Ling Xi seems a bad mood, "how tired?" Wang Shuxiu see him affectionately took a slap in the face, "the little bastard was over, waiting for you for quite a while."Disperse Dyestuff "It will not." Lu Ling Xi quickly said, saying he is a little embarrassed. He can still remember waking coma when Wang Shuxiu grabbed Chen Zhu cursed hospital money making thing. See Xue Tong Yan Yueming white, did not forget to watch for their own power, that is, the look on his face, his position in the circle stand out, those big gardening suppliers willing to face. Otherwise, the name of the micro-gardening banner go, you see, things will not be so smooth.

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