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Thought here Yinyong De gas also powerful, his life most regret a thing of Yin Seiran too coddled, when the tube is not willing to control her. He had just wanted her daughter to be happy enough, the sky is falling for his daughter insisted there, who knows the ages, to develop a daughter is now temper. Yinyong De sighed, "A more Do not worry, your mother now knows Laris security is not beloved. Besides Laris security itself and Xiaoya nothing, is that young people about the go out to eat a few meals, over time it faded." Lu Ling Xi listened hard to the hand clenched Yan, Yan more smiled and kissed his forehead. "In fact, the house right, leaves home to change, you son live together quite happy." "It was so cold. A yellow do not want to come out." The little boy growled and began angrily accusing A yellow abandon his behavior. Lu Ling Xi've seen in the last boy to "chatter" in essence, has been Renzhao Xiao listened patiently.

Ye Yan Kang has always stood the side of the Yen phrase some outrageous words like did not hear the same. He gulped down the hands of the water, the bottles toward the trash can to throw the past, perfectly thrown into the bucket, then he asked: "?? How do you intend to remain in the Fengcheng" Easy route snorted, "the youngest you stupid, this thing is definitely still dealing ah, you forget our former friends?" Lu Ling Xi nodded. He rewarding trip to the flower garden is not only a big willow joint plants all been evolutionary, there is a force of nature panel five-point bonus. He should think about these five points with the force of nature where, can not easily wasted. "Who is the king of flowers you bring back, like watching your son ah?" Through the window, looked outside Lu Ling Xi Kang and leaves positive talk Yen more, some a little confused mind. I do not know what to say, the expression of some cold Yan, Weicu brow reveals a hint of disgust. He rarely saw the face like this, only the last time in the car to hear the call Yan, the other side seems to mention the color of the brother, the more it reveals the face of such real disgust. Do Yekang Gang Gang Yan also mentioned the brother? The other party has done anything to provoke Yan Yuesheng gas yet? New things always easy to arouse people's interest, Lu Ling Xi front panel study for a long time. Fortunately, the easy route because of boredom left at noon, and now he is the only one shop, he does not worry about being found their behavior strange. Unfortunately, no matter how he point panel above or without any prompt. His knowledge of the force of nature or limited to the words. Well, Lu Ling Xi bachelor's thinking anyway prompted when the panel will naturally prompt, even if he now Xiangponaodai he could not think. After figured out, Lu Ling Xi no longer entangled force of nature, a man sitting on a wicker chair holding yesterday to buy the book and began to read seriously. Wang Shuxiu slammed the fire, "the little bastard you kidding?" According to Fang Lei's judgment, which is obviously an intentional poisoning case. But he asked, though these people are poisoned a village, but what people have, unlike targeted poisoning, more like indifference poisoning. Fang Lei and some do not understand, this was songjiazhuang and how much hatred ah? Doctor Sue's words and the words of his father appear alternately in mind, Lu Ling Xi slowly close your eyes, once again I felt the heavy fatigue from the heart thrown, if this really is the last time just fine ......

Say, bitter grass ecological community development greatly exceeds the expected Ling Xi Lu. This long effort, you can see through the ice from the spirit of water flowing to the river village is already clear. There are dogs scuttling across the river ice in the water and saw a large black excitedly exclaimed. Xiao Feng and Wang Shuxiu wedding set at the end of December. They have discussed it, to Shihai live here in the district. Xiao Feng, although they have a house, but not a good residential environment here, two Wang Shuxiu reluctant Lu Ling Xi. Xiao Feng would not agree that the Yen Lu Ling Xi follow them move together, altogether he had come to live. He himself magnanimous, but also do not care to say he lived a woman's house, anyway, he and Wang Shuxiu ever trying to be difficult. Principals said half suddenly closed his mouth, he found Luguang Jing seems to see what, is staring the side of the wall of the small blackboard, looked something was amiss. Principals follow look at the past, "Lu Ling Xi" words greet the eye. He was slightly surprised a moment, the name is not exactly lujia died that child's name? Teenager with a trace of meaning voice sounded urgent, more color can not help but look softened. "I'm back." He said to the phone softly: "?. Konishi you where I want to see you." In short, Xiao Feng Yan to the call is to say, a land of water he had settled there, and let the water continue a land in the northwest dug, dug earn wages Xiao Feng do not, all to save the land of water. When a water and other land and toss the old does not move, so they took the money to his pension. How water is also said Lu Lu Ling Xi of a dear father, Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng gotta watch face gave him a way out. Rhubarb barking a cry, seems to agree with Dong Xiaolei words. The more eyes focused Yan Ling Xi to see the landing, if placed before, Lu Ling Xi is slow to not feel anything. But unfortunately, he is now to face the more guilty, some sharp reaction to it. Yen against the glowing eyes, the beginning of Lu Ling Xi uncomfortable twist, the same eyes "focus" look to the outside. Lu Ling Xi: "......" Lu Ling Xi Look at how the panel is not a clear distinction between plants and two plants. But when he stood under the willow, but it is somewhat understand. Daliushu exudes vitality magnificent, more of a pure breath of life inherent in them. This atmosphere from willow overflow body, like a faint milky mist inhaled very uncomfortable. Lu Ling Xi feeling that life forms seem willow than before to the next level, this feeling is very mysterious, he had the feeling that this is the real meaning of evolution. Cub loud booing, "sister-in-law start now govern the Big Brother?"

Ling Xi Lu Yen Vietnam, raising his hand touched the hair, softly:. "Good" Yan Yue gaze falls on a bank card, obscure eyes. He already knew the owner of the micro-gardening Fengcheng intend to leave back home, people are looking for micro-gardening turn out. Yesterday he came to the store, she is worried about the juvenile estimate. He also wanted to start a micro-gardening juvenile to the next, but turned around and guess about juvenile money. Between the juvenile and the initiative to lend money to the store he bought two options hesitate to hire teenagers for a night, the Yen today just want to test the waters over Lu Ling Xi mean, is not that the money did not expect teenagers to get down to business, but he is also thinking about the money.

Speaking of his own bank, Sulang help them enraptured. Lu Ling Xi listen carefully, but also with Sulang laughed. His smile fell just Yan door more eyes, the color quite jealous. "Coke chicken." Lu Ling Xi looked at the Black said.Solvent Dyestuff "Big black over." Lu Ling Xi to tomatoes poured over water, specifically to wash a big black tomato greeted loudly. Yan did not say who the more, but said:. "There needs to contact him if I let you."

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