High-wash Dyestuff

Yan the corner of my eye noticed a large black Kenwan chicken also put out his tongue licking boy's finger, his face slightly distorted, is really a stupid dog. This is the first president scared petrified, thinking to himself day hell, on the other side Luguang Jing close my eyes, I feel God all the time to remind him to remember atonement. Recently some time, in the name of Lu Ling Xi Lu's house appears very frequently, even he stay out all heard the old one inside rumors - about the father of another son and grandson. Luguang Jing to do not care about the business, and only occasionally think of that small western namesake children, can not help but think if Konishi without incident a year ago, and now look like? Unfortunately, there is no if in this world. Lu Ling Xi hesitated a few seconds, the initiative to ask the phrase, "Can I help you?"

Wang Shuxiu listening just like listening to stories, picked up a broken flower sell a hundred thousand? "You put your mother try to fool me coax ah?" Since the Yen answered the phone has been left for several hours, Ling Xi Lu looked at the time, the more time thinking about Yan said'll be right back down, then, his brow slightly wrinkled up. Andrzej puzzled, "the boss you're going to move out from the Yin family? If you're not ready resident here, I would recommend is to find a hotel apartment just fine. Fengcheng environment is not very good, the perennial haze, where the house is not much investment value. "his identity is more assistant Yan, immediately enter the work state, everything from the color of interest. Lu Ling Xi saw Wang Shuxiu perfunctory, was for some big black grievances. The more he thought of Yan, claiming many people like big black, more like big black color. Yen also wanted to adopt the large black, every day he went to see a large black stuff. He and Lu Ling Xi on the evolution of animal and human issues discussed, the present situation Ikunori "evolution" examples seem to form a communication between humans and animals. But this exchange is one to one, they are not sure will have many cases appear. Lu Ling Xi crooked eyes, he felt Zhanglao so good, I really like that they are so. In Zhanglao before they come, Lu Ling Xi has basically been seen almost the same, except that several strains of Calla other plants are dead thoroughly. Without the force of nature, he can not do anything. Calla put away the earth, and Lu Ling Xi with Zhanglao Zhaolao back micro gardening. "The families of patients surgery is very successful, currently belong to the body of unconscious self-healing, should soon wake up, you be patient, and so on." "Konishi." Yan more tentatively called out. Xiao Feng Britain Britain hands the seeds did not speak. He tried to grow grapes heart did not end, but whatever the outcome is sent Lu Ling Xi, find a corner species that can not account for how many places. Species also out in front of "son" to sell a good, the deal also cost-effective.

He said interesting, Lu Ling Xi followed laughed, the laugh asked Grandma Wang's legs did not hurt these days, right? With the support of Lu Ling Xi Yan Yue, energetic, but somehow he did not wait until the shop, some days not seen Han brother brought him another pen big list. This list of master Lu Ling Xi also recognized that, just two weeks before it is seen Weisheng. \ Such a thing would have been irrelevant and Xue pass, but Xue through a flower garden is not it? High Yongliang market positioning is very accurate, and now people are pursuing health, including cosmetic chemicals is better, the more the more expensive natural whole plant sell. He found the right market positioning, Xue Tong flower garden became his most suitable raw material suppliers. Big black breath seemed serious thought, slowly raised his right paw on Lu Ling Xi palm. Yan Yan Yongde more alienation let a little sad, then sigh, "Ah more, the thing you have any plans? Or want to go back ......" Father somewhat embarrassed, not knowing what to say things psychiatrist, afraid to stimulate Yen to Vietnam. "Doctor, my son in the end how is it? He did not remember, you do not say the surgery is a success?"

Lu Ling Xi very, very surprised, "Fang officer you remember?" Vallisneria ecological communities formed, water purification + 50%, the heart of the plant reward +500High-wash Dyestuff "Come on, eat chicken." Lu Ling Xi Enliaoyisheng, but also a little worried and asked: "? This secret is only temporary, it would not have been Man Xiaqu"

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