He looked through the panel newborn root systems in the soil, in addition to Lu Ling Xi full of a sense of accomplishment, and old Korean is more empathy joy. The old man spoke a finger than a words. Fan Wang Shuxiu a queen, "you little bastards not 去打听打听, Wang Shuxiu who I was! Lu Ling Xi an accident to a person lost in the hospital you dare run, ah? Run? Now dare to come, I do not looked pack you are not? "

Ye Kang shook his head, "I heard Yan Shibo quite a headache." "This is how a? Dog king again?" Some villagers surprised Road. Across the street, Huskies looked helplessly Lu Ling Xi, he kept a "wailing woo" up. Easy Hang scratched hair, cling Lu Ling Xi, "OK, ah, the third wiser, brother, I was relieved." When asleep at night, Lu Ling Xi rolled quilt wrapped himself into a chubby bear. His body full of color more saliva, after a bath and change of clothes is not convenient to get back to the wall, only to roll naked in the yard. Yan see of his moist eyes, the heart of the just to soft, intentionally tease him: "Do you want Yan brother also wear nothing with you?" . "I was in a small restaurant" Lu Ling Xi is very happy, "but ......" He hesitated and said: "? Today is Mama peak brother to dinner, Yan brother do you want to come over." Fang Lei laughed: "That a few stray dogs are now being adopted Force, so a few days off to see are good physique, smart strength there, just do not listen, get them through the town to the big black." That night, with the patient ward 17 of the notice can be discharged the next day, the whole ward people are very happy. To the point of sleep on weekdays and has not been sleeping, we are excited together chatting. Lu Ling Xi also for patient 17 was pleased, the other is a big and tall man, we call him Laoding. Ward Lu Ling Xi Min, also the only one who does not need to shout and shout Laoding Dingo. Village people see I should have died. Konishi do not know how this doll so Gouzi like to discuss. Usually encountered in the village dogs like to go in front of him to reveal a face, this time not at all followed him run.

Big black kitten on provocation has always turned a blind eye, calm squatting on the ground continue to eat tomatoes it. Kitten cry of dissatisfaction, quickly jumped out of the land Ling Xi arms, waving a paw opened the tomatoes, in time before the big black reactive jumped the fence and turned to leave. Black short called a few times, Lu Ling Xi laughed, reluctantly said: "I know, and so the weather warms up and went out jogging." He finished with a smile playing big black flexor moment, joked: "You're a big black Yen more like a big brother. " For several days, Xiao Feng Xiao Hong cried every day, a family of three in the evening for dinner, followed by a large black black every scene, except the Yen has not yet "birthright" can only be one person alone at home. Yan the heart unhappy, do not have a way to go along, depressed only of the work force. Lu Ling Xi eat out, he called morality and man sitting at home. Suddenly, morality and executives have to Andrzej call asking Yen more than being dumped, the former workaholic boss back, become even more frenzied, always like to pick four or five am in a foreign country of when sitting, take care of their boss's reputation, saying the difference. "I know." Wang Shuxiu anger at him. Xiao Feng Wang Shuxiu smile touched the belly, feeling the child's activities under the palms, look to Wang Shuxiu eyes very gentle, "What would you like flowers? I bought one." Dulin flower garden a little bit far away from the downtown area was located in Fengcheng outskirts of a small village. Most of the village's young men are out of work, the whole rest of the village are the elderly and children. Old people are older can not be kind, either abandoned the family farm or on leased Dulin this point what kind of outsider fill some income. "This is a few?"

Lu Ling Xi: "......" Morning business pretty well, it did not take long to open the door after another customer had to buy some fertilizers and gadgets, even bring Yanyue Gang ceramic pots were sold out three. Lu Ling Xi takes the money and will carefully remember account, potted plants, fertilizers, and tools are all categorized remember it.Ciclopirox Ye Kang parked at the door micro-gardening, moving out of the Ying Ling Xi Lu say hello. Yen more close at his side, the first concern is Lu Ling Xi wearing coats, but wore a thin sweater went out. Andrzej message to the Fengcheng, Ye Kang soon know. He spent a week in Fengcheng small, in addition to almost every day and Yan Yue, Lu Ling Xi together, but also take the time met several times Sulang. He came here to Yan Yue, Yan is now more jump, Kang Ye shall be ready with a back in Beijing. Not a few days, his phone must be small secretary psychological clinic ringing off the hook.

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