His movement attracted the attention of Lu Ling Xi Lu Ling Xi puzzled back, Yan directed at the more shallow smile. Laris Ann slight frown, "just seems to always feel someone watching us? 'Sake because of illness, he was very sensitive to other people's eyes, he was sure was just looking at them, not the illusion. Xiao Feng see the hearts laugh, he shook his head and did not say anything.

Xiao Feng Yan more missed, landing Ling Xi smiled. Along the side of the big black watchful stare Xiao Feng look, walked slowly to the wall squat, leap out at any time to maintain the state. Xiao Feng Yan's attention from the more moved to the big black body, with interest saw a large black glances. Dog humanity, especially the black dog is some public pool. He does not look like a big black dog in general, some clever overdone. If Lu Ling Xi thoughtfully prepared a card to let Wang Shuxiu moved, then a regeneration of what is to let Wang Shuxiu up angry. She bluntly pinch Lu Ling Xi face a, Liu Mei stood, "Your mother I have 42, and you can feel raw?" Qiu Tian gas to death, his business adventures for many years, a return to God thinks guessed how it was. What kind of leadership do not like to give him Zhibuding Which competitors behind the mischief. Such a thought he would find that people find out in the end is how, finally asking him out, may result is contrary to his expectations. Really really someone robbed him of his business, but the other was not that he wanted a few competitors, but only a few acres of a small flower garden gardening shop. He used more every day together and Yan Yan Suddenly the left side of Lu Ling Xi kind of half-empty feeling. Although there are large black, in black, as well as Wang Shuxiu and Xiao Feng, but none of them is more color, more color can not be replaced there. Wang Shuxiu fed packed up and left the kitchen table, Lu Ling Xi secretly eat chicken nobody to rely on a big black. Big black kitchen looked a clever, biting chicken swiftly ran to the backyard. "real or fake?" Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng did not know going to grapes, but is holding his attitude to please species, he is now ready to shut the shop and went to the Yan Ling village water trip. Before out of the city, the Yan drove him around in a circle in Fengcheng, specifically look for them before the purified looked at several places.

"Good." Yan more gentle eyes, the promise: "I used to laugh every day, to see the small West." One meter, two meters, three meters, four meters, dug five meters when the excavator suddenly stopped. The driver stuck his head, indicating underground, "I feel a bit wrong."Crotamiton Xue Tong soon attracted the attention of begonias words, nodded, "satisfactory, small business owners do not know how you kind of come out, begonia flowers is very special, light and elegant, timeless fragrance lingering very rare." Yen more "ah" sound, no openings ask young father gone.

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