Ethyl Crotonate

Lu Ling Xi nodded along, he had not seen rubescens, rubescens but heard the name. Look panel prompts variation of the word, can probably infer that this strain rubescens rubescens and Common is not the same. He remembers the wild rubescens origin as far away as southern Taihang Mountains, where the climate is harsh, drought and little rain, the soil is infertile. So, Sulang is run Taihang trip? "Your friend is dead, his family has sad?" They land at the intersection of Ling Xi and Wang Shuxiu who, strictly speaking privately, and there is no friendship. While it is possible to become a man ahead, but Xiao Feng is not silly to put in front of the elders Yen shelf, look at the color of the land and a water shot altogether, lest the heart of the so-called elders does not matter a lot. After the beginning of the greeting, the two talked about the subject, about Qiu Tian gardening division. In accordance with the prior said yes, Qiu Tian Yan accounted for the three quarters of gardening, Xiao Feng accounted for the rest of the quarter, specifically speaking nursery is owned by Yan Yue, the two flowerbeds one half.

"Ah, I sleep, Yan brother you go to bed early." Far enough away not think, now close it, the more color the boy who just feel kind of comforting taste. Just so quiet stood beside him, his heart had been repressed rage and then slowly down gently. So that he could not help but want to be near some of the juvenile, then closer. "Where is the good!" Dongzhi girlfriend angrily. She does not know Ye Kang, but Ling Xi Lu and Yan are more familiar, but also no to them as an outsider, angrily into the hands of trousers turning a circle back exposed, he saw two back pockets pants caught pulpy , a strip of denim fluttering in the wind. She could be mad, "I just picked in the pants pockets of chocolate bar, the result was smelly saw two ha. Have been told that it can not eat chocolate, it is secretly looking over, also to catch bad pants a. " Mother's eyes suddenly flashed a light, forced to hold him, like a drowning man clinging to the last piece of driftwood. He quietly nestled in her mother's arms, as in the past each brother a health problem, you need as he lay on the operating table. His mouth is the mother of the boy, his presence is to the value of his brother, he always knew. After Lu Ling Xi "amnesia", with Wei Zheng sighed and white tone, it is a lot of boring, plus far enough away, which is usually a phone call to ask Lu Ling Xi send messages to the body. Like this trivia They are generally easy route to chat with, and then by the easy route as gossip passed Lu Ling Xi. Came the thought, the more shocked to find that he actually really Yan toward teenagers took a step in the direction. Hui Guoshen moment, the Yen eyes flashed a hint of embarrassment, quietly returned to the place. Xiao Feng big Gemingjiaoxiao Hong, only two years older than Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng and displaced Fengcheng different battles, Xiao Hong has been guarding the Northwest home, the development of wind and water. Over the years, Hong Xiao Xiao Feng has been looking forward to get married, but his numerous reminders, not with Xiao Feng who ignores him. Xiao Hong thought this life can not wait for Xiao Feng married, which would like to one day actually take the initiative Xiao Feng said to be married. Xiao Hong, after a full hearing the news stunned tens of seconds to react. He took Xiao Feng asked for no less than twenty times before they finally determined not he got it wrong, but Xiao Feng really want to get married. "Take a bag, do not, take two packets of it." Yan said the more so, Ling Xi Lu also did not want to understand that after this thing on the mind.

Ye Kang voice heard, "Yan more back home, we eat a meal." He said that is full of color, hear the howl from the village found Gouzi trouble until the dogs surrounded the plastics plant them out to save people, the story is simply twists and turns, ups and downs, and sometimes even several police officers around could hear into fan. Luguang Jing Li Yao again interrupted, then told the steward to send out Luguang Jing, Li did not want to have home and home land of what is involved. Off the Luguang Jing, Li Yao Li Caiying turned to the room. The doctor said mining surplus just played tranquilizers to sleep. Li Yao sister looked pale and slim face, a deep sigh. He did not know how to put surplus mining days go into now. Taoxintaofei eldest son is a supercilious look wolf, sensible and well-behaved young son died early. She grabbed a lifetime of man is a wimp, from the individual to the middle-aged paranoia seriously crazy. If I had known this day would, then she will also fancy Luguang Jing, Lu insisted to marry at home? Tips on the front panel, Lu Ling Xi did not immediately offer the choices. Do you want to treat? Of course, but he did not dare to present treatment. His panel will not know how to treat, if too much movement, Chunlan was saved, and he has also been estimated that the study got me as a monster.

Lu Ling Xi facial features curved pleased laugh. Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng looked a hesitation to close down, "Thank you uncle."Ethyl Crotonate Lu Ling Xi: "......" Lu Ling Xi nodded, "I can do it."

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