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"Listen, I quickly came back." Lu Ling Xi soothingly. Some went to Kunlun drove too far, it can only be a plane. As a big black with a bit less convenient. Lu Ling Xi also began early preparations by the big black aircraft consigned to Queenan, but looked online Ikunori pets checked after news of the accident, he dropped the idea. Anyway, he is to take up to a week to come back soon, and not toss the big black. Unfortunately, Lu Yan Ling Xi and Vietnam do not understand what it said. But rather angry black bully small monkey Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi climb out angrily against the wrist little monkey hissed. Little monkey looked curiously at the black, it seems anxious to think of what the squeaking, telling them, pointing to the front side also kept dancing. Yi-Hang Lu Ling Xi eyes fell on a light blue t-shirt and white shorts above, think the two go together, image, like small fry kidnapped as a good student, really dissonant powerful. His helpless scratched the hair, by landing Lingxi home and took a shower, a random set of Wang Shuxiu do not know when to buy land Lingxi pink t-shirt, jeans before wearing, clean face, bitter forced to see the landing Ling Xi.

"Little bastard." "What? New spider plants?" Xue Tong surprise. Wang Shuxiu very surprised, "What is this?" Lunch time, Lu Ling Xi told the big black Dongzhi interesting to listen to, especially in the morning buns event. First, he has not finished laughing, big black around him these days really brought him a lot of joy. Almost unconsciously Lu Ling Xi released spirit scanning white panel surfaced. Through the efforts of this time, the heart of the plant is already 248/1000 on the control panel (order 1) a. 248 saw that it was a bit much, but from the 1000 upgrade was in sight. Ling Xi Lu in the heart for their own morale, refueling. He wanted to know some of the panel and then upgrade again what kind of features it. This is the spirit of the next scan it? Housekeeper wiping away sweat with a wry smile looked more color back, I say nothing of. As for the two lady's name is not correct words ring true, shaking his head housekeeper hearts, so did his wife go on, young master really done the last thing her mother and mutual affection finally gone. Easy route over the wall came in and saw a large black are eating chicken, while picking up a tomato bite while landing Lingxi shouted:. "The youngest dog in your family life is really good, is to attend a lecture to eat chicken." "Hungry? I'll cook, you go back to the house would be a lie." Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu worry just discharged, toss it down the body can not stand, drove him to rest.

Qiu Tian then wanted to go to the trouble that home gardening shop, to be his son QiuJun stopped. Although small-scale micro-gardening, in case the other side to catch Li Weisheng behind what is backing big trouble on the bad. This time they're looking up Weisheng, where they re-booked in a group can be considered to cover your face Qiu Tian gardening. Conversation between the two sides, Li Weisheng more than a micro-gardening maintenance, Qiu Tian pondering his words, how would like to think how Li Weisheng and micro-gardening relationship. Although Li Weisheng nothing, but he engaged in logistics Jiabu Zhu perennial run out, know people, wide faces of the people, Li Weisheng Qiu Tian also had to face. Big black red landing Ling Xi whispered cry, Lu Ling Xi hand touched its head. Black affectionately rub the rub, equally quiet. It has only one million Shaw kept a vigilant, glued to the side with the Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi protection just like a look. Lu Ling Xi crooked eyes, open your eyes every morning to see a big black will feel good mood. He smiled and scratched big black chin, Wang Shuxiu neighbors heard voices outside. Zhaolao we are smiling instead of everyone agreed. In the silent insistence Yen Lu Ling Xi compromise. His big black Lakaichemen schematically on the bus first, was about to follow up, the more sideways Yan opened the front door, and said: "Sit in front of it, some chaos behind." Yen more robust, "how can you think of this?" Dogs are man almost cry. And an old dog from the yard came out, this old dog looks a little afraid of the big yellow dog outside, facing the outside of the big yellow dog cried loudly. Two dogs distant confrontation, the big yellow dog's eyes moved from the old dog men, bared Ziya turned slowly away. Big black dog tied rope can barely accept muzzle bit not happy, arrived in his head refused to close Dongzhi, unhappy roar so even a voice. Dongzhi Shetenglebantian not on the set, only to be handed over to Lu Ling Xi. Qianlao shook his head, hesitated for a long while as appropriate, said:. "This strain of Rieger begonia begonia is not nothing new, is more like an evolution of Rieger begonia" Lu Ling Xi: "......"

He hung up the phone, greeting Xiao Feng Wang Shuxiu belly ribs rush out and buy, and then later the fear is no good point of the ribs. Xiao Feng holding a purse ready to go, he told Wang Shuxiu Before leaving, "what flowers you are alone do not control, so I came back to wash rice pack." Lu Ling Xi understand the meaning of a large black, did not hold back Puchi laugh.

Now he is a bit really do not understand. A person can have amnesia has changed so much. Lu Ling Xi character changed no problem, how interested also followed changed, changed like the farming. Easy route headache to see the landing Lingxi pulled half grass, too lazy to go around to the front, directly climbs the fence turned over. Lu Ling Xi Enliaoyisheng was about to say, the more color on the table phone abruptly rang.Retinoic acid Tretinoin Micro-Gardening Ranging Kang Ye ask, Yan hung up the phone, then the land and water of a name and address have made in the past. I believe in the strength of San leaf, tonight will be able to see the results. Land and water as a gambler this color more see more, lost dog eat dog out what it can do. And they continue to indulge results and both are bankrupt, ruin and death. The more thought Yan Ling Xi Lu, juvenile innocent and soft-hearted, he should not have a father.

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