Methyl 3-aminocrotonate

Wang Shuxiu attention quickly shifted to another thing recently keen, fatten Lu Ling Xi. She always knew that their own son was, after all, is the matter with her, as long as she was not a bit backward, not to mention the advantages of Lu Ling Xi entirely lug her and the devil in length. Just past Lu Ling Xi too rebellious, but likes heavy metal gothic visual kei what she did not understand these things all day to see a face painted like people, she can not remember how long have not seen clean Ling Xi Lu a face. The Lu Ling Xi after the accident alternate personality, and nothing in his face painted Stop being a hypocrite. Wang Shuxiu see the landing Lingxi pale little face, really made him look like, the only bad is a little too thin, especially adolescent boys boy or a good strong point. "Do you think I lie to you ah TMD, you find yourself side of the road to see if it is alive or dead you tell me, and tell me how you intend to do?" Lu said a water pathetic, Wang Shuxiu sneer up, "and then bet the son of a bitch? Aging mother to listen to your words are heard not know how many times, peak Brother respect of coal mines which take you to the northwest, the scourge of the province out I told you a land of water, you give up on this heart. His aging mother will not give you a penny, not only, but also to divorce his aging mother with you. "

A few days ago Xiao Feng and Wang Shuxiu also discuss, and so the two married after watching the small restaurant area expanded to expand, and then recruit a few staff, Wang Shuxiu or may not be so tired, secure in doing just fine boss. Wang Shuxiu lips do not say anything, his heart was listening pleasure. Her life now is like a dream, put six months ago, which she thought I would live so comfortable. Lu Ling Xi: "......" Big black door suddenly some restless, and intend to bring the situation and realize that now can not be called, it had become arch squat body, made a defensive posture. Small black snake climbed half the house seems to have sensed something, hesitated paused, turned around and crawled toward the other direction. Some turn it too fast, turn tail moment, however, came close behind tied closed. Seeing it is necessary to climb the corner, a small house was suddenly kick open the door, several plainclothes rushed directly rushed to press down the four men in bed. He casually asked one Andrzej looking for something more Yan, Yan Lu Ling Xi hide no more. "It's about Sulang that research institutions need the money they Progress does not go, you want to pull the pen Sulang venture." Dogs going around on the go, the more color black with a big back from the outside. Big black one into the hospital, these dogs immediately dispersed. Led the old dog yet moving off toward the big black dog bowl shook direction, whispered cry, schematically big black eat. Spirit Water Village mutation, special, micro cell beautify flower garden gardening green plants, can completely change the whole Fengcheng counted in the big willow "tree of God," the head. Is perfect evidence Fengcheng underground tangled roots, not to mention the direction of these roots extending north Daliushu exactly where, and roots will soon extend Daliushu connected together. He looked ecstatic, do not watch the boy was last seen suddenly jumped out from behind. "brother." The district has almost 20 years of history. After decades of trials and hardships on poor maintenance together with the entire community looked very old. Some have begun to peel off the external wall, the wall is more black, covered with moss. Inside the cell, although there are flowers and grass, but the impression is very disorganized. Take two steps garbage piled everywhere, more casually residents built a small shed. Lu Ling Xi angry, funny, "big black you angry now? I apologize to you."

"This is ......" Lu Ling Xi Some do not know the inside of the seedling pots, mental scan shed, white panels floating in front of him.

Lu Ling Xi straight face, holding hands stuff block a bit, stopped in front of Wang Shuxiu. The restaurant, the grandfather Yan Yan Yongde been sitting there. Yan Yongde was a gray-haired, hale and hearty old man. Perhaps older, sleep less and less, he was more than a day to get up at five o'clock. Fight boxing raise flowers, six sharp eat breakfast.Methyl 3-aminocrotonate Closing time before micro-gardening, the large black police sent back. Eat a meal already at eight o'clock. Li Ling Xi Lu uncle as early as when they come to help them burn better kang. This time should burn brightly, Li Yan uncle asked to go back to remember the more add charcoal, he has settled in, just outside the room.

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