Crotonic Acid

Hung up the phone, Lu Ling Xi thought to the family reported that a safe. Can be thought of that pamphlet, he would not know how to speak and Wang Shuxiu. Hesitated a few seconds, Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu pressed the numbers, quickly turned on each other. Wang Shuxiu not happy, "how can we not worry! Two men together, you know ......" Lu Ling Xi rubbed his stomach, looking for a reason, "hungry."

Xiao Feng Wang Shuxiu know fear, he smiled and said:. "We said a few days essentials card" Lu Ling Xi Yi Hang with standing on the roadside waiting for the bus, pulled uncomfortable clothes, asked: "? You want to go." Wang Shuxiu hand paused, and said nothing. Peak brother card room is not closed is small, nearby people basically know. In addition to the kind of excessive gambling by nature, guests chess room, there are many good is this one, an occasional pastime of. This time around no less talking, do not know what happened, let off peak brother chess room. Wang Shuxiu old now, and certainly do not think that the last peak brother for a few words off the chess room, but after hearing the news, could not help a bit complicated. Lu Ling Xi: "......" Opposite her, shocking Father Luheng Chuan Lu. For Wang Shuxiu attitude Luheng Chuan I do not complain. He slightly critically look to Wang Shuxiu, dignified tone, "Whether you admit it or not, Ling Xi Lu Lu's children are all these years is owed to their home land and his son, and you have a water divorce did not say, but Konishi I hope he can Renjieguizong, lujia will compensate him in these sufferings. " Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng headache from the hands took the black, carrying it for a long time and only then go to the bathroom to wash the body cream all washed away, and breaking the black mouth looked activities activity black teeth. "You eat, then I have a toothache may matter to you." Lu Ling Xi threatening, but also some curious black things have to eat where. The cake was not much, but it is also the amount of 4,5 people to eat. Black man put a cake dig into a shell, it also can not see its belly drum. They finished down to business, domestic Andrzej finally remember time is now two o'clock, Yan urged the early night. I turned off the video call, the more color or no sleep, a land of water pick up information before the investigation began to read. Fang Lei put down the heart. "Well, quickly contact the zoo, to see how to deal with these snakes, especially cobras that two bags, people simply cautious and feel uncomfortable." Hang Chong Ling Xi Yi landing wink, "the absolute peak brother sister flowers to bring a gift? You say Peak brother would send what?"

Lu Ling Xi immediately obediently nodded, echoed:. "Black was not intentional, a layer of skin is broken, Yan brother is worried about infection, so I just have to stick a band-aid." Lu Ling Xi flushed, buried quilt pay any attention to the Yen. "OK, OK, ah, the king of flowers I warn you enough ah!" The land of water hanging arm last no fighting in the hospital, while only beaten while back. Andrzej busy schedule got off the plane, his face reveals a hint of weariness. Any who take a night aircraft could not carry, not to mention he had to jet lag. Picking up the luggage out the door, Andrzej one saw his face to pick more. Yan hear the sea is under the martial arts, and speaking clearly and logically. Before Yanshi Hui consulted professionals, the advice given in the mined-out area is multi-point cushion shore cement foundation. Yanshi Hui made up his mind, ready to go all out for the first South City development project must not miss this opportunity. Yan Yan Shihui staring at the face, trying to judge his real thoughts. Yan Yan Shihui not care about the past how to think, and now want to know the mind can not see the color more. He had the feeling of dignity offended, this is not the first time. Yan from the more telling him to stay in the country began to suddenly shot Yinjialin sold shares in Yanshi Hui Pu angry that he lost control of involution, while more angry is that he lost control of the Yen.

This sentiment is too strange for Lu Ling Xi concerned, he was a bit dazed sitting in front of the chair, squatting toward the cashier following big black beckoned. Black Britain Britain's ran, crouched in front of him. When he came back, he was with two colleagues were not at home. Fang Lei was about to open the door, suddenly stopped the action, in the morning kind of feeling of being stared at has emerged. He abruptly back, alert to four glance, nothing suspicious around the place. Fang Lei darkened, intuitive years of work to convince him not just an illusion, what is really staring at him, and is it related to this case, ran a few people that tipped off the back?Crotonic Acid Lu Ling Xi Wang Chaoliang see sleepy look, a little strange, "Konishi sleep well last night?" "Then change it clouds limestone, the store has to sell it?"

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