Methyl Crotonate

Lu Ling Xi listened eyes light up, but did not directly pick but first turned around to see Wang Shuxiu, waiting for what she meant. Wang Shuxiu grunted, his face impatiently waved his hand, "Go, do not delay things down to have dinner." Wang Shuxiu and Lu Ling Xi Lu Ling Xi said, also would like to hear the meaning of Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu not think so complicated, simply said: "Mother does not like it there even if the. They have no one to speak, a touch of warmth around the perimeter of the room only sound emitted by the TV.

Fang Lei vaguely shown on the phone to give a chance to small stones, do not beat too ruthless. He knew at Xiaojuan is a land Lingxi staff, Ling Xi Lu Xiaojuan before that can certainly put on words. Lu Ling Xi hear what he meant, could not help laughing. "Do not worry, little stones all right." Ling Xi Lu Yan hand clinging to the waist, his head buried in his arms, whispered excuse:. "I was not drunk, his mother would not let me drink my brother and I can not drink, brother in poor health, I to take care of my brother. " "He wants to let him in urine of urine." Three suddenly stopped at the side of the road, a man in front of a female face out of the car, a small stone Lindao the ground. "Urine fast." Yen under the umbrella of the car, Lee uncle a bit surprised, "how so much rain coming?" Hung and Shaw had the same feelings of other people. Changes in the environment is not like anything else you do not see things, but shining in front of people. There are often concerned about the weather forecast people will find Fengcheng has been for a week of air pollution index is below 50, the air quality has reached a good standard. Small gray eyes looked clean, nothing like the dusty road far arrived Kunlun look. Fang Lei also really do not believe that a small gray from Queenan went from a Fengcheng. Ling Xi Lu laughed, "Yan brother you think Rubescens this good?"

Lu Ling Xi looked around with interest, did not find that big yellow dog. "A yellow it?" "Do not be so anxious for a while." He did not let go hold the Yen, softly:. "I had not hold off the small West," Xiao Feng back from the beginning of the northwest, Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu worried at home alone at night, it made no been flowerbeds overnight. Every time the two were alone in the car is not a store, scruples sight around the Yan can not do anything, only has endured the desire for Ling Xi Lu. Today had the chance alone together, the more impulsive Yan, Lu Ling Xi do not want to put back.Methyl Crotonate This idea is only fleeting, Yan more subconsciously over the juvenile's neck bite. He was not willing to be too hard, but still sensitive Lu Ling Xi groan | Yin loudly. Yen more stable mind, and in his place Kenshi licked, juvenile body shocked, the more color chuckled, dumb channel: "Konishi I love you." "What? New spider plants?" Xue Tong surprise.

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