Disperse Dyestuff

He was not ready and Wang Shuxiu too early to say, think and so on Lu Ling Xi was twenty years old, but if Wang Shuxiu know, not a big deal, sooner or later there are so again. Xiao Feng also say in his favor is not so good owed. Walk for about an hour, Wang Chaoliang schematic front of their coming. Yan Ling Xi Lu to more positive thinking cried, ringtones ringing is to Fang Lei phone. A few days before the hearing Yan Ling Xi Lu Fang Lei, said to come Queenan on business, but he did not expect to come so soon. Big yellow dog whispered cry.

Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu whole face attached to the chest, suddenly flushed up. Since he did not have a memory and mother so close before, not to mention Wang Shuxiu Although this body of the mother, may for the purposes of Ling Xi Lu also belong to the category of strangers. However, he wants to get rid of Wang Shuxiu embarrassed embrace, Wang Shuxiu watching his appearance, a row on his forehead and kissed a few mouthfuls, laughing exclusion:. "What shame shame, forget your childhood feeding time" Lu Ling Xi: "......" Lu Ling Xi obedient back a few steps, big black muffled growl, bite down open bun. After eating two buns, big black he would not eat any more. Lu Ling Xi puzzled, he does not feel able to eat two buns. Lu Ling Xi subconscious horde body, then ran up somewhat embarrassed. He held his hands inconvenient for action, it is feared will hand rubs mud on the color of the suit jacket, the action quite difficult. Leaving Lu Ling Xi can not understand that the more color you do not smell the odor? How well the mood now kiss him? "Where?" Plant needs: water Yanhai Fei nodded quickly, immediately to explain it, "Previously Mined Underground is a matter now who care about this. I heard Fengcheng humans and animals can live a long time evolution, are now rushing to buy a house it Fengcheng. What mattered had plenty of mining, multi-point cushion at the cement foundations of the line, the cost will certainly be back. " A slight laugh, then grew inside the shed came out, people inside have suddenly laughed. Lu Ling Xi thought, "We are also very happy."

Tian Ling Xi Lu sister listen Wang Shuxiu Speaking of junior high school graduates dropped out, a little pity for him. She worried that Lu Ling Xi will feel embarrassed, what is the next higher 18-year-old, early first thought comforted law his sentence. Lu Ling Xi: "......" To get that done after a small gray fish dry, Fang Lei Ling Xi Lu gave a telephone call. The content is simple, he can finally communicate with small gray, but now for a cat he has not had time to come? Hear his name, big black whispered into the microphone shouted. Black lazily from Lu Ling Xi stuck his head out of the pocket, spit spit Nobuko, as to what to say, do not know Ling Xi Lu. Black is a black man to play a name. Xiao Hong did not say anything, Wang Shuxiu already Liu Mei stood, a pound the table, "the little son of a bitch you actually keep a snake." She spent the evening before efforts Xiao Hong and Xiao Man disguised dignified, so an opening break all at once the work. The more color from the body pulled out a dagger, stand in front of Lu Ling Xi, alert look to the direction of the black disappears, frowning:. "There might be snakes."

Ling Xi Lu but did not take the elevator to the first floor by the stairs, he felt his body recovered well, usually given the chance, I am more willing to move a bit. On the ground floor of the canteen to buy something, he was filled with curious look into the pot stand in front of the door, no one around to take advantage of the fast hand touched the green radish leaves in front of a white panel quickly appeared. Lu Ling Xi Although there is no social experience, know this does not seem to work looking for. He thought seriously said: "Dulin sister, I love this job you can quiz me to see if I can not do the requirements of the job.."Disperse Dyestuff Yan laughed more, "what can be sold." Used to be the old dog stray dog, flower garden, adopted stray dogs a total of six. There are a few older, there are two highly leg is lame. Whether old or hurt, these dogs out of survival is very difficult, even if followed by stray dogs also difficult to survive.

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