Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff

Irrigated to one half into the cashier charged the phone rang, ring tones is specifically for Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu set. As soon as he answered the phone, Wang Shuxiu on Yi Diesheng asked again. Wang Shuxiu slammed the fire, "the little bastard you kidding?" Even watching Xiao Feng laughed. He was very fond of big black, big black do not look now like a gentle sound, but he remembers the Black almost snapped his leg. Contact to the area inside the group see the big black dog on fear shiver, you know how much big black.

Ye Kang Ha managed to open two furry head, politely directed at New River Zheng nodded, watching the Yan Yue, "Konishi answer the phone in the back, Fang Lei seems to be looking for him." Wang Shuxiu also explained the sentence, those backyard tomatoes initial seed is a gift of Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi do not know how can I get out. Xiao Feng waved his hand, Lu Ling Xi thinking about these seeds is determined to give him, but this is how it packages grape seeds? He said that, over the Black probe head suddenly from behind the seat, his eyes look gently landing Ling Xi. Lu Ling Xi smiled up big black hand scratched his chin. He understands the meaning of the Black, this husky owner though because of special circumstances, but it is still a husky abandoned. Black is probably the thought of his own, will have such a move. Black whispered cry, inviting Fang Lei legs moving out. Fang Lei chuckle, "want to go back? OK, I'm looking for people to send you back tomorrow again thank you for your master." He said he commanded last saw a large black police send back the first big black micro gardening. The policeman readily agreed down. Black looked at Fang Lei commanded the house locked, and finally saw a small house, followed the police away. "Nothing good." Lu Ling Xi sleeve sweater with a bow, the Yen saw the snake on the wrist. He blinked in surprise, and some curious reach out and poked. Snake stare and shook his head, hesitantly toward the direction of landing Lingxi climb a few steps. Attracted by its taste here, very comfortable smell good. Yan looked at the small black snake let go of their own, a little bit toward the tip of the tail landing Lingxi fingers moved in the past. Solve the problem of funds, after returning all his energies on high Yongliang Lu Ling Xi body, almost every day to spend time in the micro-gardening. After some time, the Yen under intolerable homeopathic agreed to cooperate with him. Not through cooperation with Xue, but directly and high Yongliang cooperation, the micro-gardening and horticulture Green Hin together into a high Yongliang suppliers. Yan and more clear that cooperation, the number of Begonia "variation" after the relatively small, micro-gardening in advance can only provide the quantity of high Yongliang experimental purposes only, you want to wait until next year a large-scale production. High Yongliang know this is the truth, reluctantly agreed to down. "I'll be back soon, the big black obediently stay in the store, to be obedient." By this, the Yen a night did not sleep well. Ling Xi Lu opened his eyes to get up early to see the Yen stood at the window, looking out I do not know what to think. Lu Ling Xi nodded, of course he was serious.

Wang Shuxiu and a son, but did not question it, ready son simply earned. Yan recovered more time only, one person, one dog on the TV for a long while, the Yen directed at big black muffled cry. Lu Ling Xi Zhou Zhao face sat up the body, vague and said: "...... is my mother's." He was not embarrassed this booklet, but to give him this booklet people. That night, Yan and Lu Ling Xi went to the flower garden. Lee uncle know early in the morning they came to settle them in the evening to eat at home, Lu Ling Xi phone did not refused, had agreed to down. This is the first he took down the big black car, the entrance to the village a large willow yellow leaves slowly stuck his black head size of a thumb. Before escaped from a northern suburb bazaars small black snake moved out a little from the leaves. Small black snake half of your body from the probe, golden eyes curiously look to the direction of the small courtyard. It is the feeling that there seems to have what attracts it, than it easy to find this tree it attract larger. So for a while, it shook its tail, ready to swim over to look at. Compared Ling Xi Lu surprised, Sulang see he was surprised. He is to leave matters in the Beijing process, suddenly received a phone call at home. Su grandfather on the go morning exercise met a group of punks fight, accidentally rolled into injured. Fengcheng waiting for him to rush back, listen to the police said the gang punks are running a clean, got left a heavy injuries in the hospital, it seems to be called Lu Ling Xi.

Lu Ling Xi back, Zhanglao suddenly laughed, hearty and said:. "I think it is looking at all the way Konishi, Zhao old man I am not wrong it." Plant Name: Green dillFluorescent Disperse Dyestuff "Xiaoya how is your sister, how can you be so indifferent to her? I did not even see the housekeeper said you are willing to see her, you know Xiaoya how sad?" Yan Ling Xi Lu looked more apologetic look, "Sorry, that was my wrong, I will not delay you home?"

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