High-wash Dyestuff

Li Weisheng a promise here, Qiujun Li engraved greeted workers to move into the pot before all moved out, black face stared fiercely Lu Ling Xi go one before. Lu Ling Xi Li brother being grabbed speak, did not notice QiuJun hostility, but rather to see the easy route, he stared fiercely back. Small black snake innocently around in a circle on the ground, steering the direction of Lu Ling Xi, "hiss" Lu Ling Xi had just been sent to the hospital when they came, when Lu Ling Xi still wore a non-mainstream Rattus teenager. Xu is convenient to the hospital's sake, a young yellow hair were shaved with a clean, only a short board inch. His face painted colorful also washed off, clean face, coupled with the image of his mother's appearance is, indeed, a beautiful teenager. Police serious expression unconscious ease down, smiled kindly at him.

With the change Fengcheng environment, humans and animals can communicate things will only be more and more, simply can not do completely confidential. Yan believes now more sensitive sense of smell has been eyeing this news reporter, to see how the blockade of the above efforts. The above could not wait until the blockade broke this news, Fengcheng of evolution are almost a certain scale. Even when Lu Ling Xi anything unusual was found, mixed in with the evolution of these were in would not be too conspicuous. Black wronged whimpered. Lu Ling Xi could not bear it, a man squatting on the roadside just can not stop laughing. "I would almost suffocated in the afternoon. The youngest is not evil, and he had not the most quiet and well-behaved despise this look? You look at him now, I have a word with him also turn a heart ring, afraid to scare him. " Ye Kang some do not believe, he thought of a split between the more juvenile Yan mentioned last time, hesitation: "A more you are not ......" Lu Ling Xi blushing nodded and thought said:. "The easy route they also call on it." Plant Name: Chlorophytum Lu Ling Xi nodded. Lu Ling Xi afraid to turn around, casually nodded toward the window. A party of four to see the hall to pick them up in person. The other is a nephew Zhaolao, looked about thirty years old, named Zhao Jian, a reverence for Zhaolao very close. Zhao Jian has helped them to set a good hotel, located next to the address on the Kunlun Botanic Gardens. He suggested that we first lay down their luggage back to the hotel, go to a nearby restaurant for dinner is very well known.

Yan Enliaoyisheng more thoughtfully, unexpected: "You grew up west where the number of sets of words?" . "I feel very good to see," Lu Ling Xi seriously said: "I heard a lot of selective breeding places rubescens, put them as the winter landscape plants Dr So if there is no progress in the research, we can also try moving. efforts in this direction. "

Luguang Jing Li stood in the door one last look, hunched back into the car. Mining surplus crazy, Konishi died, Ann was the only home land abandoned as a child sacrifice. He wanted to see if I can look Liyao think the only safe way to remove and can be ...... Luguang Jing Li Yao Li Yao can not blame ruthless, after all, the only mining profit is subject to the safe stimulation. Only Ann mind flashed before harvest surplus quarrel Luguang Jing wearily shrink in the chair, he really does not know the only security for so many years is actually a grudge alive. Yan just want to follow the hearing scolded, "That damn ghost weather."High-wash Dyestuff Lu Ling Xi took underwater consciously shook his head. In short, Xiao Feng Yan to the call is to say, a land of water he had settled there, and let the water continue a land in the northwest dug, dug earn wages Xiao Feng do not, all to save the land of water. When a water and other land and toss the old does not move, so they took the money to his pension. How water is also said Lu Lu Ling Xi of a dear father, Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng gotta watch face gave him a way out.

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