Ling Xi Lu and excited to sleep because of the different, the color of insomnia has become a habit. Two in the morning, the Yen opened the window, leaned in the window and lit a cigarette. He can not remember how many times in the past could not sleep at night from a man late at night waiting for dawn. Ye Kang said his insomnia is a form of mental illness, he had to get it right. Yan Kang leaves the upper surface of the conclusions noncommittal, but he was unconscious identity leaf Kang words, otherwise it will not be made with the leaves of the half-Kang psychiatrist toss a few years. Xiao Feng did not mind, turned around to see Wang Shuxiu, "Do you want to take a closer look?" "Preparing shock."

Wang Shuxiu gone, Lu Ling Xi looked Sulang a hung his head. He knew Sulang will know that he had physical condition, he can not ask, he could not explain how he is known. He then nothing of life, but also know this argument for a body too baffling, believe it or not Sulang two said they might he may have to go to a mental hospital from the hospital. "This is a few?" After Lu Ling Xi "amnesia", with Wei Zheng sighed and white tone, it is a lot of boring, plus far enough away, which is usually a phone call to ask Lu Ling Xi send messages to the body. Like this trivia They are generally easy route to chat with, and then by the easy route as gossip passed Lu Ling Xi. He also did not they want to open these seriously. But rather in the evening and Wang Shuxiu speaking to sister, Wang Shuxiu what comes to mind, and he hesitated to discuss, "Why do not we give birth to a?" "Who is the king of flowers you bring back, like watching your son ah?" Ye Kang & amp; Yan Yue: "......" Turning a corner, he turned schematic Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu ahead. Lu Ling Xi looked at the front suddenly froze for a moment, his eyes flashed a hint of doubt. A slight laugh, then grew inside the shed came out, people inside have suddenly laughed.

Small restaurant door, Wang Shuxiu too happy to stand there, the attitude is very cold. The little boy turned to see Lu Ling Xi, round yo big eyes rolled, curious to ask: "? The big black dog is your dog do brother"Ciclopirox The more interesting Yan smiled, "It depends on how complex the Ya Yin." Lu Ling Xi speaking seriously, listening to each other face suddenly realized expression. "So it is the case."

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