With Lai Lai III and IV account, engraved and colleagues Fang Leili broken down into smaller, the same day the dismantling of several traffickers around Fengcheng stagnation, while fiddling caught under the house contact buyers. These people inside, the old Yao head caught most is the satisfaction of everyone, he is said to specifically deliver small beggar in Beijing over there, a lot of children fell on his hands are very miserable, with the words of the old Fang Lei Yao head is a scum. This data allows Lu Ling Xi mind a move, he had just poured a water spider plants to get a 1:00 heart of plants, that if he gave a hundred times pouring water spider plants would not be able to get 100 points Heart plants. Yinyong De frowned and was about to reject NGAN the figure has appeared in the doorway.

Sulang suddenly, "or injured last thing?" Fengcheng Airport Yen more eyebrow, homeopathic sat down beside Lu Ling Xi's hand and hugged him. "I look at." He carefully turned things over in bed, think of Fengcheng environment, laughing, "is not no water repellent ready?" "I know." Wang Shuxiu to himself, little bastard actually remember clearly, but also know what to eat Huan Yan Yuexi filling. Her side just going to peel onions chop stuffing, Lu Ling Xi thought of what went into the kitchen door and asked the sentence, "Mom, you do eggplant mixed with garlic it? Yan brother kinda like to eat this one." They sleep after arriving home early, do not know in this night, continuous heavy rain led to the Spirit River water level rise, wrapped in black river silt began to move in the village side of the ground spread. From songjiazhuang until ditch stone, black river slowly into the ground, contaminating large tracts of land. Xiao Feng listening Shenran, sometimes do not know how to answer this question, a long while before saying:. "Konishi has been big, some things when the mother, do not worry about" High Yongliang mood this time can be described as suddenly sad suddenly hi, like a roller coaster. Lu Ling Xi somewhat uneasy frowned, shook his paw holding a large black, a small channel: "Big black you change cell and white panel is not a relationship?" Lu Ling Xi opened the refrigerator crisper come up, facing the inside of the ribs slightly laughed. That tiny wire tangled heard before because lujia message generated, but also the aroma of food vanished.

Lu Ling Xi shook his head, "Yeah, that feels weird." "Delivery is ......" Dulin some difficulty, she turn shop turn anxious, and Lu Ling Xi did not say clearly behind these problems, some worry about the kids hang out. Wang Shuxiu mad, bitterly looked at what they thought of four conveniently find something to fight land-water meal, turned around and saw a large black, suddenly landing means a watercourse: "bite him." Yan more interest in them is not much, but in his capacity as a mere tourist looked around. Wangzhao Liang and Lu Ling Xi is different, they happily walking to see, from time to time also stopped taking several pictures to each other in conversation. Wang Chaoliang is a senior researcher at the plant, Lu Ling Xi who has a mysterious white panel, no matter what the two plants can chat together, some could not help but see the color and taste. Both sides of the transfer no objection, and soon signed a good agreement. Yan Ling Xi Lu the whole trip to come forward, he followed nodded like. Zhang got the money and my heart happy, smiling greeting: "Go, now let's go take a look at early flower garden." He opened a small golden cup over, pull a few people who have no problem. Lu Ling Xi, embarrassed, a small channel: "Tell my mother to prepare a dowry." This is the first president scared petrified, thinking to himself day hell, on the other side Luguang Jing close my eyes, I feel God all the time to remind him to remember atonement. Recently some time, in the name of Lu Ling Xi Lu's house appears very frequently, even he stay out all heard the old one inside rumors - about the father of another son and grandson. Luguang Jing to do not care about the business, and only occasionally think of that small western namesake children, can not help but think if Konishi without incident a year ago, and now look like? Unfortunately, there is no if in this world. He'd like to see how good can this micro-gardening cultivated plants, Brother Lee value of their last pot sent all the pull back. Yen more eyebrow, homeopathic sat down beside Lu Ling Xi's hand and hugged him. "I look at." He carefully turned things over in bed, think of Fengcheng environment, laughing, "is not no water repellent ready?"

Two off the Father, Lu Ling Xi looked at the hands of the bank card, or feel in the morning to do some fantasy. Although he always knew the value of this strain Chunlan three hundred thousand, three hundred thousand and genuine but take money in the hands of the verbal sense is completely different. Wang Shuxiu shook his head. Tian sister turned around toward shouted:. "Line, San Leba, all right, do not look."Crotamiton Yan watched the departure, Lu Ling Xi holding big black into the house. He has been in the back yard to take a big black nest, do not know will not like big black. That night, with the patient ward 17 of the notice can be discharged the next day, the whole ward people are very happy. To the point of sleep on weekdays and has not been sleeping, we are excited together chatting. Lu Ling Xi also for patient 17 was pleased, the other is a big and tall man, we call him Laoding. Ward Lu Ling Xi Min, also the only one who does not need to shout and shout Laoding Dingo.

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