High-light Dyestuff

"Hey, Du sister they have gone?" Lu Ling Xi holding big black come to see the color more leaning on the door waiting for him, Zhang and Du Lin are not. Yan is also the thought of this, holding Lu Ling Xi said:. "Konishi If you like to go to school, we can see if there is no suitable school" Zhanglao and Zhaolao lived in the neighborhood, they get up early every day is right around the flower market, did not expect to encounter Lu Ling Xi today. Lu Ling Xi asked them to know now working in a garden center, where the child was last picked up a best Chunlan, the want to come take a chance. Father Zhang Chunlan one immediately to the interest, catch landing Ling Xi asked what kindred Chunlan. I heard Chunlan broken root, root has recently been raised, not by color cheeky distressed.

Home more than a snake, Wang Shuxiu did not immediately found. Soon end, and because of her wedding and Xiao Feng, Wang Shuxiu somewhat busy during this time worse. Few people take advantage of the hotel Monday, Xiao Feng and Wang Shuxiu to shoot wedding photos. Wang Shuxiu would have no need to think of these, she is old now, but also what to shoot wedding. Xiao Feng can be bent to shoot, but also with Lu Ling Xi go, said the way to shoot a few family portrait. Come to think of seems to get down to business, the arms holding the pot of fruit vine was placed in front of Ling Xi Lu. "Little Boss trouble to look, this basin fruit vine spadix seem quite right." Yin Ya quickly said: "Mom does not matter, brother ......" Wang Shuxiu restaurant after intense preparations will soon be opened. Xue Tong: "......" "Mr. Yen mean?" Lu Ling Xi, when all are done already in the afternoon, Clivia re rooting take a few days, his diligence, and the rest depends on the vitality of this strain of Clivia.

Zhanglao front row listening to their movement laughed, "Konishi reminds me, I should also give the family reported that a safe." "This is not the old bastard conscience, and actually nothing to be, did not mention the house this matters."High-light Dyestuff Yan washes out the layers of the eyes smile, Lu Ling Xi fast in face pinched, whispered:. "My Konishi is unique" Lu Ling Xi side agreed, while finishing things quickly prepared in advance. Clothes, towels, baby blankets, diapers ...... "What?" He asked nervously directed the Yen.

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