Ethyl Crotonate

Lee saw the uncle anxious, more directed at Yan Li uncle nodded, "has been that good, he began to work tomorrow." He said a few words, the Yen was hung up. After he realized the phone away Ling Xi Lu at his side. The more color some regret, more upset. He did not prepare Ling Xi Lu, the phone does not hide and Poor's calculations. I do not know, after listening to these, Lu Ling Xi will be how to see him? Teenage Mind alone, but also just entered the community did not come into contact with them, would not that he is a bad person? Coupled with his family pile of rotten things, the more some apprehension Yen up, he turned to see Lu Ling Xi. "I said it so casually, not a fool. Besides, even if he is really fool can distinguish good depends on, you know it is good or bad environment."

Because they want to get married but also busy with preparations for greenhouses thing, Xiao Feng these days a bit busy. Halfway when Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu who took a phone call, saying it was a land of water suddenly agreed to a divorce, they are now the Civil Affairs Bureau. Ranging Lu Ling Xi expressed surprise, Wang Shuxiu not believe himself. Wang Shuxiu refused to take the card, the little bastard is not easy to make money, to marry a wife keep after use. She has her own small restaurant, business was good, where the need to worry about these Ling Xi Lu. Besides Xiao Feng trust her character, not the kind of woman staring at the money man. Even if she has no money, Xiao Feng also do not hold anything against her? Say, bitter grass ecological community development greatly exceeds the expected Ling Xi Lu. This long effort, you can see through the ice from the spirit of water flowing to the river village is already clear. There are dogs scuttling across the river ice in the water and saw a large black excitedly exclaimed. Zhanglao and Zhaolao lived in the neighborhood, they get up early every day is right around the flower market, did not expect to encounter Lu Ling Xi today. Lu Ling Xi asked them to know now working in a garden center, where the child was last picked up a best Chunlan, the want to come take a chance. Father Zhang Chunlan one immediately to the interest, catch landing Ling Xi asked what kindred Chunlan. I heard Chunlan broken root, root has recently been raised, not by color cheeky distressed. "You say there Zhang is released false information, what they plan?" "Come on, hot to eat a cake." "Grandpa Zhao very powerful, have him test the new drugs will certainly succeed," Ling Xi Lu sat in the car seriously he said. Big black moment, Lu Ling Xi micro-gardening back, and began scanning the daily routine. Which pots need watering pots which need fertilizer, pots need to catch insects which, by the panel is fully clear. He was busy, last visit old Han came.

Lu Ling Xi put away the phone and look to the window, under the greater the rain outside, like a horizon torn a hole in the water as it was down. The road has no pedestrian, and occasionally a car opened, also opened very slowly, Huangyou through micro-gardening. So long the Yen has not come back, do not know trapped in there, Lu Ling Xi little anxious up. Men's reasonable request, that he would have to be large to save the black, he made a big black thing adoptions also logical. Ling Xi Lu just saw a large black one, a little reluctant to let go of the big black, since men are willing to take a step back, but there is time to look at the big black, he was of course no problem.

Black muffled cry and ran and ran into the small rooms Ling Xi Lu. Lu Ling Xi just sat, half stood a large black body two front paws resting on the bed, eyes look gentle landing Ling Xi. Lu Ling Xi good sleep, good mood touched the big black head, casually: "? And dad went out." Yan did not mind the more, "You mean Ya Yin Wei and Lu Ann?"Ethyl Crotonate Dongzhi looked embarrassed to send dog over man. Tall men, at least there is more than one meter eighty, stocky, handsome, a black suit looking at is not cheap. Maybe hold off the dog's sake, dip hem dress of a man a lot of muddy water, but he seems do not care, she has been firmly fixed on the operating table black dog. Lu Ling Xi nodded, holding a large black ran back. He was just casually talk about the results of a turn on the lights to find a note stuck on the living room table, Wang Shuxiu left a dinner in the refrigerator.

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