Retinoic acid Tretinoin

Some nurses who were eyewitnesses, even if not seen or heard Wangshu Xiu Ling Xi Lu and his father fight something, privately Wang Shuxiu of sympathy came. Although Wang Shuxiu previous bad attitude, I do not know but think of Lu Ling Xi personnel has been unconscious in bed, the mother also really difficult to be still under the heart. Plus looks lovable Lu Ling Xi, Wang Shuxiu requirements for a promise. Uncle Lee has just finished, to see the color behind the windows open, and a large black Lu Ling Xi huddled together stuck his head, curious to see the front. "Uncle Lee." Lu Ling Xi affectionate cried, staring in front of puzzled, "how the other side?" Yan glanced at the time, asked: "? It is far from the station."

"Your friend is dead, his family has sad?" Yan got more, casually said:. "Buy me a house." His remark voice was low, gained just looked over and asked how the Ling Xi Lu? Yan only vaguely heard the word brother. He directed cub shook his head, "Konishi drunk." The next few days, Wang Shuxiu always arrived early to the hospital, only to go to work every day until. She was a little worried about the water again taking advantage of a land she does not come to trouble Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi carrying several daily instruction, Lu met with a water run, what things to her. For insurance purposes, Wang Shuxiu ward only beg the people inside watching point Lu Ling Xi, but quarreled nurse before Laxialianlai go, hoping that they can pay attention to me stranger, do not let go Lu Ling Xi was fooled. Zhanglao thoughts are attracted by Chunlan, did not pay attention to pot around how to pull the landing Lingxi depends Chunlan. Lu Ling Xi Carefully Chunlan holding out Zhanglao whiz eyes lit up, and vigorously praise: "! Green leaf color, firmness and flexibility, proud heaven, good blue" Teenage opening named Yi-Hang, Lu Ling Xi is a neighbor, the oldest of four. Prior to the performance of the most clever boy called Zheng sigh, Ling Xi Lu large than three months. The remaining white boy called far surpasses Ling Xi Lu small for a month. Four former junior high school students, can be considered small to play with the big, middle school together and later dropped out, four more are inseparable, good to wear a pair of pants. On identity really want, Yin Ya an illegitimate daughter, the father is also not on the table, and certainly not good enough for Laris security. Just Laris security body out there, I want to pick lujia did not have to pick. Do not look now looking at the Laris security right, followed a day out walking Lu family entertainment, you can not say which day the disease will recur. Generally loves her family, no one wants to marry the daughter of the past. Ya Yin is also wanted by marrying Laris An elevated status, in complete disregard of the safety Laris health. After Yinyong De pissed know, he scolded bad Yin Ya, look for opportunities cursed Yin Seiran meal. Ya Yin also small and naive, Yin Seiran do not know? We Laris An "mend" the body, a problem will someday save and not come back. When Yin ya how to do? Ling Xi Lu Wensheng fastest response, "Yan brother you come back?" Su Ling Xi Lu grandfather very good impression of a concern, "Su grandfather body better?"

The Mei Feng Yan micro pick, "he has not contacted these days is to investigate these up?" "What?" Lu Ling Xi made with a curious expression. Big black dog tied rope can barely accept muzzle bit not happy, arrived in his head refused to close Dongzhi, unhappy roar so even a voice. Dongzhi Shetenglebantian not on the set, only to be handed over to Lu Ling Xi.

"Come on, hot to eat a cake." One person, one dog Abduction a cell, it was still early, the street was empty, Ling Xi Lu also did not give a big black jacket muzzle. Black excitedly trot a few steps, landing Zhuantou Chao Ling Xi called twice. Lu Ling Xi hear the big black mean, let him run with it along. Some of his helpless watching the big black, big black ran quickly ran back to the side of Ling Xi Lu, gently biting his leg forward tow.Retinoic acid Tretinoin Black does not know whether to understand the words of Ling Xi Lu, in his palm rub the rub, muffled cry, quietly lying on the ground. Wang Shuxiu not happy, "how can we not worry! Two men together, you know ......"

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