Ciclopirox olamine

Black seems to see him there is something quiet crouched in front of him. Lu Ling Xi lightly touched a large black head, whispered: "?? Big black you say I do not want to ask her brother Yan encountered anything I think as a friend, should be concerned about is not concerned Yan Big Brother" See Lu Ling Xi Tong Xue reaction is not the first time, the juvenile obviously do not know who he is. Yen more some remorse, he is busy these days some, taking the time today to be able to spend time with teenagers. He did not pay attention to the place, young people are not really a point guard. Lu Ling Xi did not wait to say the second sentence, the more eyes micro Shen Yan, the body has reacted honestly. He looked as if covered with mist landing Lingxi eyes involuntarily by the past, tenderly kissed Lu Ling Xi.

. "Know," Lu Ling Xi Yi Hang cling to the neck, squeezed in beside him casually: "If there is anything to the money another way fast enough." They are on the way back to the rotation driving all the way to one million Shaw squatted quietly in the back seat, guarding the two men repairing a variety of specialty northwest. There Xiao Feng deliberately bought a dozen boxes of dried beef, beef flavor Shaw smelled one million, but refused to leave the back seat. Gone seven or eight hours later, the two men entered the city at high speed. Xiao Hong was the first to see the sides of the street planted willow. A few days ago from the rain only a few days of effort, willow shoots have grown into long fingers. Sunshine spilled Fei color transfer, leaves of the tree simply vividly people feel comfortable. Wang Shuxiu snorted, "What does it matter, the old bastard and we have does not matter, divorce certificate is not white-collar workers. Besides, I've heard them home on Xiao Feng mine quite formal, insurance everything, good taste drink governing them, it is to do some work and tired to death. " In this case just after noon, in the market crowded, noisy quarrel people simply head hurts. Black Fang Lei calm walk around every once in a roadside conspire to sniff. Cohabitation place like this, it was also not what happened to the dog. Occasionally someone see the big black one, a look he is a dog, but also no interest. "Little bastard, you worry about relying on this face after not eat." Yan seemed more random: "You did not eat at noon, right?" One person, one dog crouched there on the TV, Lu Ling Xi altogether on with their business. He was about to stand in front of the Golden Flower watering, the phone suddenly rang, Lee uncle's phone. Small stone wandered off in the morning, going to Xiaojuan frantic. Uncle Lee has been reported to the police, want to see a large black can be of any help. Lu Ling Xi immediately agreed down. Hung up the phone Ling Xi Lu Fang Lei did not hide it, he wants to bring to the big black spirit of water village to find small stones. Ling Xi Lu Yan night to find an excuse for something more, or live here, the more the color. Before going to bed he thought Xiao Hong nodded to his red envelope, which is filled with a thousand dollars actually. Yan Ling Xi Lu accompany the more money sitting on the bed together, not by a point after he laughed. Five minutes later, a small stone called up. "I have to pee."

Lu Ling Xi if not finished, Wang Shuxiu it rude to interrupt him, "his aging mother only forty, where the old, can not say to the little bastard you save money to marry a wife ah." Wait until after the Group of Experts Fang Lei mouth secretly stationed in Fengcheng, laboratory Bamboo is also the time to be ported to the mountains. Zheng and Ling Xi Lu transplant day New River have played a early, recently too hot during the day and is not suitable for transplantation, can take advantage of a little cool in the morning, when transplanted good bamboo. Ye Kang angry low voice accusing injustice Yan Yue, his waist should be cut off, but not how to face him one more considerate. So tepid to get along with, until the heavy rain have a breakthrough opportunity. Accustomed to a person at any time, and now, there was thunder and lightning personal by his side, helping to close the window to lock the door to check the house drain watertight, Wang Shuxiu heart suddenly set down, from the bottom of my heart recognized Xiao Feng The presence. Ye Kang hang up the phone to return to the office. Front windows, a black suit and the Yen stood overlooking the window, fit of the suit wrapped strong slender body, he appears to be more upright posture. "I do not eat, your body is not convenient flowers, big brother will go back." Listen Sulang mentioned cyanides, NGAN more slight frown, "you know what village?" Lu Ling Xi think ecstatic, next to the patient on the bed muttering something turned a body. He was startled movement behind, carefully looked back OK everyone asleep, eyes again fell in front of a white panel above. In just when he turned white as he turned the panel also moves the position, has remained at a distance of about 30 cm in front of him. Fang Lei look more and more mad as a hatter, he heard clearly, as if in a small gray angry. Gas this time he disappeared, he confessed gas colleague gave it only canned cat food. Fang Lei remembered that he had just given land Lingxi call content, some dumbfounding them. I did not expect a home he also understood the small gray sounds, to those who are to be kept secret inside. "Well, eat dried fish, right? Now give you get." Fang Lei said the little gray put down, ready to put the cat endured the sleepy uncle serve better. Which would like to leave a small gray of his imprisonment, first jump sensitively gave him a paw, before squatting in front of him, arrogantly he licked his paws, meow twice. "good looking."

"Refrigerator was full of food do not buy." Wang Shuxiu a stop. After planting bamboo, Zheng New River back to the past two days has not to be in Beijing. Before leaving he deliberately took a small piece of bamboo just finished, say there is a seminar in Beijing, he was going to just promote the promotion of bamboo. Him this desperately momentum even more color have some admiration, and privately said Zheng Lu Ling Xi New River although sometimes stubborn hate, but people are really good.Ciclopirox olamine Her question too much too fast, like a machine-gun fire as a land Lingxi could answer, they begin to face the second. Patiently listening to all the questions, Lu Ling Xi serious answer them. He had dinner, eat at Uncle Lee home, but also brought some sweet potatoes back, and now he has been in the store, the color is more work, he gave watering potted plants. They gained will sit outside, about the inside of the finished anything, they have been hiding out a little too deliberate, so filled with arms around casually walked in. Wang Shuxiu're cooking, Xiao Feng stood helping hands spices or something. Not gained from peak to see what brother's face, but look peaks brother and flowers proprietress tacit way, it should be in a good mood. Brother and sister work in, gained a few of them idle is not good to begin with manage to move the table, set the table and the like.

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