The blue cyanine B

"How?" I asked one stopped Yan Shihui see. Ye Kang Ha is that two Dongzhi girlfriend shouted to play, really did not expect was the dog's name. He felt two since a quite good Ha, turned around and asked Lu Ling Xi meaning. Lu Ling Xi from the name has always been dominated by simple, big black, black, gray little like. He stared at the Huskies looked made small silver, and two small gray leaf Kang Ha several names for selection, or else too little odd row. Lu Ling Xi slightly surprised a moment, but it is shaking his head, explains: "is a variation." He has thought well, in which a little knowledgeable customer say these plants mutated. In case if the other asking specific hybridization process, he could not be too troublesome.

Xue Ling Xi Lu Tong smile and say hello to play, only to find the store there is another person. Lu Ling Xi and looking to make people feel comfortable different, more out of a sense of the presence of this person is too strong. Neither looked like the micro-micro-gardening who does not like gardening store people, Xue through some guessing each other's identity. Ling Xi Lu Yen Vietnam, raising his hand touched the hair, softly:. "Good" Like a man walking in the dark, cold tunnel for a long time, suddenly appeared in front of a bright light, he will subconsciously close, will follow the glow away. Vietnam Yen slightly lowered her eyes with an unusual soft voice: "Konishi, I want you alone waiting to." This cry uncle called Xiao Hong merry face, laugh again. Lu Ling Xi Carter, he took out from his pocket a drum capsule capsule envelopes handed over. "Come on, holding a small West, just like what to buy." He also did not they want to open these seriously. But rather in the evening and Wang Shuxiu speaking to sister, Wang Shuxiu what comes to mind, and he hesitated to discuss, "Why do not we give birth to a?" Rubescens panel displays without any problems, why the leaves would all fall out? Lu Ling Xi looked bare rubescens sudden spiritual blessing to heart, he has not thought of Rubescens evolutionary reasons. And most of the plants will fall into winter dormancy different, unique property itself rubescens decided it will grow another form in the winter. He has been kept in the store rubescens, maintain the room temperature at 20 degrees, rubescens without the necessary growth stage, naturally not evolved. Yan Jie to help him make the investigation Beijing lujia information, it does not hide it Ye Kang. In fact, it leaves a stack of information Kang also a lot of power, there are some things too long or leaves of Kang helped found. Before Kang Ye have asked Yan Yue, Yan did not say anything more. Ye Yan Kang although I think the behavior and Lu Ling Xi can not avoid, but how this matter can not be linked to the boy and Fengcheng. But rather that he had just heard a message, some suspect that is not heard in advance what color the sound of the wind. Lu Ling Xi subconsciously look to the not far from two suspected growers old man, one of the stature extra baggage, looked kindly old man just stood up and affirmed: "The fat bit behind the times to recover fertilizer a. "

They kung fu dialogue, the movement of small trees up, stuck his head out and soon black color excitedly toward the gilded Nobuko, tail rolled a few centimeters thickness of the red snake drilled out from the trees. Red snake's body hanging softly, evidently dead. Wang Chaoliang shocked, stunned to see black long while speechless. He had seen black micro-gardening, of course, we know that black is the color of the pet. But this ...... the immediate scene he has not find words to describe it. Old Korea to try to hear the word immediately eye-catching, grateful look to Ling Xi Lu. Lu Ling Xi carefully put flower pots on the ground, specifically how to rule, he also needs to look up information. Xiao Feng big Gemingjiaoxiao Hong, only two years older than Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng and displaced Fengcheng different battles, Xiao Hong has been guarding the Northwest home, the development of wind and water. Over the years, Hong Xiao Xiao Feng has been looking forward to get married, but his numerous reminders, not with Xiao Feng who ignores him. Xiao Hong thought this life can not wait for Xiao Feng married, which would like to one day actually take the initiative Xiao Feng said to be married. Xiao Hong, after a full hearing the news stunned tens of seconds to react. He took Xiao Feng asked for no less than twenty times before they finally determined not he got it wrong, but Xiao Feng really want to get married.

"Amnesia?" The police surprised Road. Wang Shuxiu let open the door, the door to see the landing Ling Xi squatting big black wipe paws, mouth pumping the pumping, told: "You just come back, I stayed up points tomato sauce, you'll be picking points tomato sauce to bring a little more easily Airlines get past their home. "The blue cyanine B The night before surgery, his father has promised to send him abroad to study surgery done. To some extent seems to have been able to read one of his obsession, but think of Wang Shuxiu hard, Lu Ling Xi do not think the idea of. In fact, reading is not reading all the same, anyway, he did not go to school how you really want to go back to school may not be able to adapt. Besides he is also quite good now. Lu Ling Xi want good, so he left the hospital, to find a job gardening store. Both play a role in the panel and can take care of the plants and flowers to collect the heart of plants, but also to make money to feed themselves, let Wang Shuxiu not so hard. In recent months, residential area inside clearly felt changes in the environment. Cell or looks like chaos and worn, but the air seemed to become different. The most obvious is the area inside the extinct birds for many years it seems addition up. Speaking privately crowd, feel that the area surrounding the landfill move causes.

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