Methyl Crotonate

Such a thought, Fang Lei think he was kind of miss the small gray. Does not know he is not these days there is no obedient small gray, eat good, no colleagues to buy a small gray fish dry. He looked up, just to have a roadside food stalls hawking Queenan specialty crispy dried fish. Fang Lei hearts of a move, over the past half a catty, said hello to the boss, when is he the evening supper. Wedding march sounded, Lu Ling Xi think he was more nervous than Wang Shuxiu. He did not know how to describe this complex psychological now, there are happy, there is sadness, there are all kinds of worry. From his rebirth to the present, he has been Wang Shuxiu each other. Wang Shuxiu not the way he imagined his mother, but he had seen the best mother. He wanted to take care of Wang Shuxiu, accompanied Wang Shuxiu life, but now there is another man to take care of Wang Shuxiu, they will have a new home, perhaps there will be new kid ...... Anyway, Wang Shuxiu are his mother, his flesh and blood relatives. Ling Xi Lu thought of this crooked eye, a small channel:. "I wish my mother happy." "Go to bed early." Yan Lu Ling Xi rubbed the head.

Wang Chaoliang voice hardly ever been excitedly went toward the front. Yan looked around more, Lu Ling Xi hand holding, with his heel in the back. Staff mouth Rafflesia soon appear in front of the two men. Northern suburb bazaars considerable scale, the outermost rows of small houses, business, people live, when the warehouse use, very confusing. Black searches focus here. One person, one dog and a half laps to go, big black suddenly paused live, furry face with a human face. She sniffed it down in the street, but did not call out gently bit her Fang Lei legs. Fang Lei you will understand, quietly issued a directive. Lu Ling Xi Sulang find this is something that he would carefully put a flower pot in front of Ling Xi Lu, which is a half yellow seedlings, looking very good state. "Konishi, could you help me look up." Xiao Feng Wang Shuxiu eyes never left, followed by a nod, "is that some wronged." Yan determined by looking at the boy smile, nodded slightly, "I came to look at the big black." "Keep up." Lu Ling Xi and Fang Lei unison. Her rapid progress here, far away in the village of Lu Ling Xi Ling water did not know he was more than a father, I am pleased to squatting big black big black before teasing. One person, one dog "repeated the long-awaited" attitude of intimacy, the more completely to the side of the Yen as the air. Yan did not eat more rare taste, not a few days in fact, he missed a little big black. See the landing Lingxi mind all in big black body, the more conniving Yan smiled, opened the trunk filled with tools to carry out and started to gather up the things brought over. After the Yen gone, Dongzhi Yen against the traffic flow of saliva for a long time. He Yan Yue impression is quite good, do not look at the color looked a bit cold attitude, can look at the color of the Black misses able to see his good-natured, the difficulty is a good man. Stroll back from the micro-cell gardening it is a half-hour thing, Lu Ling Xi with a big black walked all the way to teach it their way. They Shui micro-gardening street not long, big black body suddenly arched back, a wary look.

Lu Ling Xi Fangxiawankuai went to the balcony, surprised at everything in sight. Scan spirit spread, yet small buds forming in front of the rotation. "Thank you, Grandpa." Lu Ling Xi thanked the smiling, Yan took more swiftly ran inside. Xiao Feng agreed down. Yen more chuckle, "Ye Kang always wanted a dog, he would come Fengcheng trip a few days, just to find him something to do." Time is over 6:00, the three left together packed with micro-gardening. Yan proposed to the small restaurant to eat, can be considered to Hong Ye Jie Feng welcome home. Lu Wei Ling Xi just want to see the white in a small restaurant to be too accustomed to study, immediately nodded in agreement. Kang Ye-off with the Lord, but also on small restaurant full of curiosity, happily he agreed to down. Easy route satisfactory hook landing Ling Xi's neck, "the youngest terrific." In which several shop around, Lu Ling Xi favorite across the street to a company called "Angel Baby" pet shop. Pet shop owner was more than 30-year-old man, called Dongzhi. Dongzhi who looks chubby, character and honest honest, being around people dubbed the dough. Every time people around funny Lu Ling Xi, he will help landing Lingxi speak. One to two to go, Lu Ling Xi quickly cooked up with him. A word of apology, wind, big black ears pricked up, looked out his tongue licked intimacy Lu Ling Xi chin.

Lu Ling Xi smiled and nodded. Wang Chaoliang front of face, Yan can not say anything more, only in accordance with the meaning of his black threw Lu Ling Xi. Black ingratiating tied to the land Lingxi wrist bravado to her face and shook the tail.Methyl Crotonate "What do you mean?" Huo Weiping reveals a puzzled look. Flower dishes Museum also opened for some time, completely in the area near the foothold. We all know that a mention of delicious home made dishes, the boss man really, something clean, people eat at ease. Every day from noon to night, business is very, very hot. Others are attracted to rush over from somewhere else to eat, eating is straight thumbs.

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