Disperse Dyestuff

Lu Ling Xi nodded seriously. Zhaolao grunted at him, turned around and kind of landing Ling Xi smiled, "how? Konishi your body how to recover it? What think not?" Yan Fang Lei have not seen in Vietnam, and he found Konishi is what I do for you?

Wang Shuxiu here do not look very happy meal before she came here, did a lot of traffic, the boss is also good craft. The key here is the price is very reasonable. Wang Shuxiu not wear grumble people, simply made a decision. "Just here, boss we first signed the contract." Lu Ling Xi Enliaoyisheng. Cub want good, Yongchun wholesale vegetable shop, although the first day of business, but sent in the past two dishes pendulum fly out outside on the tube full to the wholesale vegetable. His family's dishes really conspicuous, head big and juicy, looking pretty good. Zhanglao and Zhaolao lived in the neighborhood, they get up early every day is right around the flower market, did not expect to encounter Lu Ling Xi today. Lu Ling Xi asked them to know now working in a garden center, where the child was last picked up a best Chunlan, the want to come take a chance. Father Zhang Chunlan one immediately to the interest, catch landing Ling Xi asked what kindred Chunlan. I heard Chunlan broken root, root has recently been raised, not by color cheeky distressed. One person, one dog walk slowly up the village dogs are also dispersed. It will follow behind sparse Lu Ling Xi Ling river water to the dog when twenty-three. Lu Ling Xi, a lazy stretch waist to climb out of bed, big black woke up early, had been squatting on the bed and keep landing Ling Xi. Lu Yen Ling Xi looked more accidental, I do not know why the thought of that morning on the phone. Yan Yue face wearing a faint smile, slightly upturned mouth, smiled and looked like men, and Lu Ling Xi in his eyes but do not see the slightest smile, like a jacket with a "smile "mask the same. "A more, are you listening to me?" Lu Ling Xi touches not worry about shipping, as well as easy route yet. Dulin an easy route immediately laughed, "Yes, also with respect to small aircraft, to save his right not to learn every day."

At night before going to sleep, Yan Ling Xi Lu received the telephone. Phone, Lu Ling Xi told severely disobedient like a black. Yan listened more funny black cake hidden in the hollowed windowsill and then played dead thing, a person chuckle. Korea is known as the old man is very complex, immediately hold Clivia arms to the front of Ling Xi Lu. Black slowly off guard, whispered landing Lingxi shouted. Lu Ling Xi hear what it means, some doubts glance Daliushu schematically Yan more they go first. "How?" Yan more attention to his expression asked one. Lu Ling Xi side agreed, while finishing things quickly prepared in advance. Clothes, towels, baby blankets, diapers ...... "What?" He asked nervously directed the Yen. Lu Ling Xi nodded shyly, strictly speaking, he has not graduated from primary school. Some nurses who were eyewitnesses, even if not seen or heard Wangshu Xiu Ling Xi Lu and his father fight something, privately Wang Shuxiu of sympathy came. Although Wang Shuxiu previous bad attitude, I do not know but think of Lu Ling Xi personnel has been unconscious in bed, the mother also really difficult to be still under the heart. Plus looks lovable Lu Ling Xi, Wang Shuxiu requirements for a promise. Lu Ling Xi relieved, touched a large black head, praise and said: ".. Black is very smart, but also sensible and talented people like it a lot, and I also rushing to raise black stuff" "Those people?" The scene took place in front of fast, sometimes a little Ling Xi Lu did not react. By the time the ward heard outside noise came out to look at the situation, Lu Ling Xi realized something. Lu Ling Xi instinctively hugged from behind rushed to the man's waist, limiting the man's actions. He had never been in a fight, do not know how to help Wang Shuxiu. But according to his wish, a land and water can not move, Wang Shuxiu how can one account for the upper hand. In his view, the men how women play? Especially the woman or Wang Shuxiu.

Ye Kang Ha managed to open two furry head, politely directed at New River Zheng nodded, watching the Yan Yue, "Konishi answer the phone in the back, Fang Lei seems to be looking for him."

"How?" Wang Chaoliang heard movement quickly turned around and asked. Halfway when Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu who took a phone call, saying it was a land of water suddenly agreed to a divorce, they are now the Civil Affairs Bureau. Ranging Lu Ling Xi expressed surprise, Wang Shuxiu not believe himself.Disperse Dyestuff "Remind What?" Lu Ling Xi from the bag and took out a telescope, a small monkey, pointing toward the direction of look at the past, in addition to clouds of tall trees, he saw nothing. He handed the glasses to the Yen, the Yen looked around, still found nothing. Several people into the room, Xiao Feng's sister Xiao Man smiled welcome over. Xiao Man Bixiao hung with small teens, looked very young. She does not look like some northerners, petite, very gentle laugh. Xiao Hong stand together with a kind of "Beauty the Beast" feeling.

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