Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff

Yan Fang Lei have not seen in Vietnam, and he found Konishi is what I do for you? Yan more smiled, "okay." "How to do?" Nurse panic look to the Dongzhi.

Li Weisheng was about to say, next to the van jumped on a young man pushed to the front of Ling Xi Lu, facing Lee brother laughing enthusiasm, "Brother Lee." The little boy looked happier, that does not recognize the students leans to the side of Lu Ling Xi, curiously his gloves. "My brother you dabble in it? Ah Wong said the toxic water to the river will not let me play. Last A yellow drinking water in the river stomach ache for a long time." Lu Ling Xi look shyly, the more points Yan half quilt. The more tightly the Yen Lu Ling Xi contentedly rub his arms, what about juvenile pat on the back, coaxed him to sleep. Lu Ling Xi unknowingly sleep in the past. Sleep at night, she woke up suddenly frozen. He woke up, went with the Yen woke up. "Discharge?" Suddenly hear Miss Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu proposed stunned for a moment, then up fierce opposition, "Your body has not been recovered, what the hospital." Wang Shuxiu yourself figured out, but still a bit uncomfortable on Xiao Feng. Lin Mei did not think, helped Wang Shuxiu enthusiastic greeting them. To tell the truth, Wang Shuxiu conditions some flattening out. She said the poor conditions, Wang Shuxiu put this face here, people would not have met with dissatisfaction. Said she was in good condition, Wang Shuxiu older, and also with a divorced a drag, but not any work, driving home a small restaurant, not as the kind of person the official stable operation. Dull finished a lunch, Yin Yin Yongde ignored Seiran face, greeted Yan more with him to the study. His new for the car or black, not quite a little configuration than before. Ling Xi Lu but these did not care how, Yan has been more attention to his face, he seemed to see the indifference, the eyes of the ground floor and slowly infected with a layer of a smile. Xiao Feng Wang Shuxiu eyes never left, followed by a nod, "is that some wronged." Other two boys with his gaze and come together while being Lu Ling Xi look overawed.

"When will also meet Lee uncle. Father of the body is very tough, serious and responsible work, for flowerbeds really serious. After a little west you will certainly see, however, what I mean here is a flower garden or let Lee uncle staring at you to guarding micro-gardening. " Fang Lei is really like a big black, this thing is proof of the Black powerful, it is simply called the nose radar. Plant Name: Calceolaria Yan the hook the hook mouth, a slight hint of ridicule Italy said:. "I'm afraid Yin ya do not think so." Seeing my grandfather also want to continue to persuade, the more altogether Yan said: "Lu family's things to talk about it over the years , years ago, I do not have time. " Black short called a few times, Lu Ling Xi laughed, reluctantly said: "I know, and so the weather warms up and went out jogging." He finished with a smile playing big black flexor moment, joked: "You're a big black Yen more like a big brother. "

Lu Ling Xi nodded, smiled Sulang stood behind him, looked at the green radish pointing said:. "Irrigated soil inside almost, also need to spray the leaves point" "Also." Wang Shuxiu shook hands and do not want to owe favors peak brother, even if the house thing.Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff Lu Ling Xi stuck scanning spirit, with a white panel wafting frowned slightly. "That tree is going to die." Not only is the tree, two trees next to it is also dying. " "Is not like school." Lu Ling Xi shook his head, "In the past there is no opportunity to go out, I hope to see the outside world through school and now I feel that life is good, do not need to go to school by any change." He did not this body of memory, but no less easy to listen to Air chatting easy route to school complained they had too much homework endless teacher scolded. Lu Ling Xi brain make a scene about his nightly homework home, think about school or forget.

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