Solvent Dyestuff

Dependent on him this way so that the more color hearts meet, what about Lu Ling Xi gently touched the back, gentle eyes as if to drop water. Passing large willow, Lu Ling Xi paused. He points to open the white panel, a large willow root system has been extended towards the four weeks. He went in the direction of the root system has been extended through the bottom of the Spirit River, across the river to continue to stretch toward the past. Across the river is the scope of the spirit of water village, but no one lived, basically some of the abandoned land. Beyond that there is a small hill, hills opposite what Lu Ling Xi do not know. He now some mixed feelings, and the last peak brother Wang Shuxiu showdown much he heard, but probably means understand. Wang Shuxiu peak brother can not accept the industry, regarded choke off peak brother read to. But he did not expect to be off the peak brother chess room, at the beginning he did not react, after a few days belatedly linked to that peak and brother Wang Shuxiu conversation. Lu Ling Xi somewhat awkward, but that behavior be considered a peak Brother sincerity. Anyway, for him, as long as Wang Shuxiu happy like, who when the father are the same.

It is the mother of Miss Yan butler mouth, is the only female Yinyong De Yin Seiran. I heard that her daughter's phone, Yinyong De took over. "Yo, peak brother came to Xie Hui to a drink." Come late interest threw a landmine 八月桂花香 threw a ground Lei Wen threw a landmine Some time ago Sulang already in the name of the micro-gardening technology companies applied for domestic patent medicines rubescens, is now preparing for officially put into operation. Their team has great ambitions, put together also foreign patents applied for. The day before the opening, easy route to drive to the spirit of water village where a trip to the flower garden, holding Lee uncle received a number of dishes back. And Uncle Lee has greeted before Lu Ling Xi, Yi-Hang Lee marathon flowerbeds with Grandpa cooked. Not to others, Lee has helped his uncle are somehow. Xiao Feng did not even hold back a laugh. "Ten o'clock, roll go to sleep." Yan Ling Xi Lu gave the more impatient reaction directly opened his hand, to see some young red nose, which he such a get, by the stimulation nose sour, tears flow directly out. His face became careful, like the face of a fragile treasure, like Lu Ling Xi gently wiped tears of his eyes, then carefully handle posted on the other side of the nose, whispered: "? It hurts."

Cub: "......" Conversation outside end, Wang Shuxiu a pink low-cut skirt, ten centimeters high heels stepping on a swaying came.Solvent Dyestuff Lu Ling Xi: "......" Yen more could be crazy. From the beginning of the meeting, he went completely heard in the video saying the opposite of what thoughts are on the side of Lu Ling Xi body. Teenagers do not know him this cute look much temptation, Yan did not mind working more now, just want to be forced to juvenile pressure in the body.

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