High-wash Dyestuff

Su Wei recollecting reason Sulang resignation, sigh, vague and said: "A patient is some accident of his men, he had not been influenced by the heart that one and will quit." He said, voice low down, big black licked his fingers, whining called twice. Lu Ling Xi mouth slightly, continued:. "In fact, not a people do not, but my father sometimes accompany every father and I stayed a long time, the mother will be happy, that his father ignored his brother, his brother unfair big black you do not know it, I had a brother there. listen steward grandfather said his brother was a premature child, childhood was ill, and later got sick, the body is even worse. I think my brother is like a porcelain doll , each brother should speak cautiously, afraid of my brother blew down. mother was like my brother, like brother and father, the whole family like my brother, I sometimes feel that I am actually a surplus of people do. " Therefore, although this time the cell environment changing, but everyone Actually, I'm think of any other. In addition to Lu Ling Xi was uneasy, we say it all the credit to the new mayor removed the garbage dump of this initiative, the conversations of the new mayor impression doubled.

Andrzej message to the Fengcheng, Ye Kang soon know. He spent a week in Fengcheng small, in addition to almost every day and Yan Yue, Lu Ling Xi together, but also take the time met several times Sulang. He came here to Yan Yue, Yan is now more jump, Kang Ye shall be ready with a back in Beijing. Not a few days, his phone must be small secretary psychological clinic ringing off the hook. Lu Ling Xi touches not worry about shipping, as well as easy route yet. Dulin an easy route immediately laughed, "Yes, also with respect to small aircraft, to save his right not to learn every day." Yan Jie to help him make the investigation Beijing lujia information, it does not hide it Ye Kang. In fact, it leaves a stack of information Kang also a lot of power, there are some things too long or leaves of Kang helped found. Before Kang Ye have asked Yan Yue, Yan did not say anything more. Ye Yan Kang although I think the behavior and Lu Ling Xi can not avoid, but how this matter can not be linked to the boy and Fengcheng. But rather that he had just heard a message, some suspect that is not heard in advance what color the sound of the wind. A neighbor schadenfreude, in the district not far away from AGF * cell, some time ago had just a cell within the Greenbelt Plan became a full parking lot, a parking space outside to sell a hundred thousand dollars. The results of this rain down, the entire parking lot an ocean, the water inside the car were all to have sunk. AGF was jealous of this cell is not nobody thousands of dollars, the result now who say that money does not matter, the change say the importance of the environment. Lu Ling Xi is selected, the primary state of willow evolved into a state of movement is not large, so people will not feel like a big earthquake willow had evolved. With Lu Ling Xi determine the root of the willow shall commence to slow growth, in addition to a portion of the bar deepened, and the rest seems to be moving in a fixed place extension. Lu Ling Xi lengleleng, panel status display wrong, willow root part shall extend north towards really, it is just extremely slow. Lu Ling Xi straight face, holding hands stuff block a bit, stopped in front of Wang Shuxiu. "It seems to Dongzhi stayed there for almost a month." Yan said something more casually. Lu Ling Xi nodded and did not say what to do, the more color meeting, he quietly watching the Yen sat on the side of the sofa. Lu Ling Xi suggested: "You better change some with soil, rock peony growing needs of soluble calcium and other minerals, general nutrition soil calcium hydroxide which is not only difficult to be absorbed, but it will rock peony root cause damage. I recommend that you Baiyun limestone, very suitable for rock peony. "

"? Lujia" Yan more pointedly: "The mother did not mean Laris Ann Yin Ya together?" Wang Chaoliang see the landing Lingxi laugh:. "Uncle Wang, but stick your Konishi bare"

Yen more chuckle, "Ye Kang always wanted a dog, he would come Fengcheng trip a few days, just to find him something to do." Lu Ling Xi itch laughed, pushed open the big black head, while helping it along the hair, while himself:? "I think Yan brother does not seem happy, but do not know how happy I did not when a person is, there are not a large black nor friends, but I am happy when a person is, there is no close friends. Whether happy or unhappy, I hope to have a man around, and I can share the joy, anger funeral music."High-wash Dyestuff For a small boy, no big black attitude before so fierce, quietly squatting on the ground, eyes softened up. Lu Yen-water do not know the intention, cautious nod.

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