Yan more not come yet, Ling Xi Lu Yan did not urge more. Clean up the house next door almost, the fence between the yard workers have also been opened, the entire back yard is fully connected up. Wang Shuxiu some initial concerns, Lu Ling Xi and Yan feel more familiar again is two people, so that together is not very good. Then listen to the meaning of the Yen, Yen think the more do not care, they face no more home more energy thinking about, and would not say anything. This is not the time Yan, Lu Ling Xi night nothing went next door to tidy up. He evolved half a dozen pots of spider plants, covered the walls, to ensure that formaldehyde is absorbed inside the house clean. This time ...... Wang Shuxiu sighed a few days beating Lu Ling Xi tone then. Anyway, no matter from leave, she will not dig for land and water a penny. Thought of this, Wang Shuxiu quickly find the house real estate license. The last time she forced water landing a name to the house of Ling Xi Lu, Lu is the fear of a lost dog eat dog fight water house idea. She will also be bidding Lu Ling Xi few, do not be a land and water that the old bastard lied to the house to sell. Qianlao suddenly thought of something, quickly went to the front of begonias, carefully read and reread.

Ye Kang hang up the phone with the sound disappears, the pigment directly off the phone. Opening moment he realized he did not want anyone to share juvenile, even if only the message referred to the juvenile, he just wants to stay in his juvenile a person's world. Yen more lowered her eyes and considered it feasible. Lu Ling Xi suddenly. Oddly enough, though now Fengcheng lush green plants, especially Lu Ling Xi living cell is like a small ecological park. But in the summer but it is very rare mosquitoes, mosquito coils, water repellent less than almost all of these. Fengcheng accustomed to the environment, Lu Ling Xi saw in the supermarket water repellent subconsciously ignored in the past. He recovered, "Tomorrow the supermarket open?" Some villagers looked at the old wells fortunate, "Fortunately, the first two at home are connected large tank full, did not come here to draw water." He looked around a strong high thirties man quickly said: "That last little look back, the other two did not see." Today, delivery time, Qiu Tian QiuJun deliberately sent his son out, this also represents a single business value. Lu Ling Xi listen to the doctor talking about his operation to create a miracle. On the way the operation, he had once lost his vital signs, but a miracle happened, his heart stopped ten seconds after successfully beating up. He thought, perhaps surgery is not a miracle, but somewhere one kind of mysterious miracle. When this body's heart beating again, inside the body of the people is not the original Lu Ling Xi, but became him. The original owner of this body do? He is already dead? Or like him into a strange body, one originally belonged to his body? It can be seen through the white panel, several strains of seedlings planted his backyard growing on trees is not the same. Not because of lack of water dead, but because of severe soil acidification leads to soil compaction, root saplings already weak, so that stretch more difficult, simply can not be absorbed into the soil of nutrients. He turned back to the storm two weeks ago, so if more than a few times, I do not know what the environment will deteriorate into. "He wants to let him in urine of urine." Three suddenly stopped at the side of the road, a man in front of a female face out of the car, a small stone Lindao the ground. "Urine fast." Lu Ling Xi did not pay more attention to stay on top of the Jaguar, his thoughts on the future of the how and Wang Shuxiu mention work on this matter.

Uncle Lee did a good job this year, for the flower garden is really the heart. Before listening to Dulin saying we should turn out flowerbeds Father also feel pity, and so saw Lu Ling Xi, said Father nor pity. In his telling, small dolls shares the taste. City people may not think that he stayed perennial rural, out is the tree, the ground is a crops, pick wild flowers everywhere, people are not particular about the city close to nature thing, small dolls have so little taste. Lu Ling Xi subconsciously look to the not far from two suspected growers old man, one of the stature extra baggage, looked kindly old man just stood up and affirmed: "The fat bit behind the times to recover fertilizer a. " Time just after six, and the Yen was awake. Beneath Tukang burning too busy, some sleep uncomfortable. He got up and sat softly, Lu Ling Xi saw small half of the body exposed, apparently also felt severe roast. No wonder he felt at midnight arms empty, how not touch people. Ling Xi Lu bow kissed look, the more color for him rope a good quilt, got dressed and went to see a small black snake. Lu Ling Xi said to work to support her, how did Wang Shuxiu mind, she also looking forward Lu Ling Xi go back to school again. She fought for many years in the community, because no culture that is a lot of grievances, I hope she do not go and Lu Ling Xi Lu a water formula. Lu Ling Xi do not feel younger now, and so did not know the old culture of bitter. Xiao Feng such an explanation, Wang Shuxiu did not say anything. She looked at the floor finishing Xiao Feng Northwest specialty, casually asked one, "how to buy so many come back?"

"Little bastard you hear it? Now you know who I am now." Wang Shuxiu not happy, "how can we not worry! Two men together, you know ......"Ciclopirox "Ah." Lu Ling Xi promised a cry in front of face easy route did not dare say anything, quickly hung up the phone. "Mom would not have guessed?" Lu Ling Xi tenterhooks uneasy.

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