Black came over, stick out your tongue licked Lu Ling Xi chin, muffled cry. "Ah." Disturbed Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu mind is not a slap shot, along with Wang Shuxiu introduction, my heart gradually settled down. Lu Ling Xi had a dream, although most of the content woke up after not remember, but he seems to be seeing more of in a dream Yen.

Come look of suspicion, "the fruit of the vine is not to say it can not glare? Shading in summer have to give it? You how ......" He figured all this was by no means simply to close Cape lose money, but in order to elicit the presence of a large willow. Expert Group to be in the longer Fengcheng, survey the more likely Lu Ling Xi identity exposure will be. After all, whether they live cell abnormalities, or abnormal spirit of water village, or by a special micro-gardening plants, these clues as long as careful visit, someone always able to contact them together. If just one of the small West and something to do okay, but why and what can Konishi linked together. Although long Konishi killed does not recognize, the Group may not be able to find any evidence, but still more worried Yan Ling Xi Lu is eyeing the future government. "I find Yan Yue, he here?" Yan see of his way not soft-hearted, Couguo grab landing Lingxi kissed several times. "That a deal, I'll give them a few Fang Lei Kang and call." "Computer can charge?" Coincided with the red, the color stopped, rubbed his land to explore passed, Ling Xi's hair, softly: "how?" Seven coming when Lu Ling Xi was rubbing his eyes and sat up. See he was ready to get up, the more color came over and kissed him, and said softly: "?. How much sleep a what to eat in the morning, I do." Ye Kang parked at the door micro-gardening, moving out of the Ying Ling Xi Lu say hello. Yen more close at his side, the first concern is Lu Ling Xi wearing coats, but wore a thin sweater went out.

A Man Called Wing Tong Xue's full name is Fengcheng Green Hin gardening boss. Green Hin Qiu Tian gardening and horticulture fighting for years, Green Hin gardening has become under the wind. In recent Qiu Tian gardening may suddenly hurt. First Qiu Tian sell potted gardening is pull back, face a big hit, followed by gardening and broke Qiu Tian Lu Hong EPA's new son collusion of these years on Fengcheng municipal greening projects secret operations fishing a lot of money. They talk a good distribution of benefits, then began a new Chlorophytum promotion. With Xue Wang Chaoliang through personal connections plus research shows that the promotion of new Chlorophytum very smooth acceptance of the florist in unusually high. With the development of Chinese economy, the importance of environmental protection is increasingly being valued as spider plants can absorb formaldehyde and other harmful substances, it has been one of the plants on the market gardening sought after by the people.Crotamiton Yan could not resist the temptation shouted. Xiao Feng Wang Shuxiu years younger than the age only, no problem, older people will be hurt.

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