Retinoic acid Tretinoin

Lu Ling Xi crooked eyes, and prudent in front panel YES is selected, then his heart was put up. How panel will save this strain Chunlan? Like science fiction as it suddenly emits a white light? It will appear in front of Chunlan suddenly disappeared again had a good long roots? All kinds of strange thoughts in mind flashed Ling Xi Lu, the reality is - nothing happened. Konishi this Wazi good heart, keep them all in the garden, do not eat and drink what they do, just look at the door at night, keep keep flowerbeds like. Li Yan uncle listen more mean, again hire a person in charge in the flower garden in the evening night man is also responsible to take care of these dogs. Father would like to recommend Xu Third, there he is not afraid of looking at what happened downtown Xu three. But the Yen last time go urgent, Lee uncle could say anything, the past two days he has been taking care of these dogs. Wang Shuxiu hung up the phone, Ling Xi Lu Yen more thought to a text message. Description Xiao Feng brother came in the evening to go to dinner, so the color is not used to pick him up.

"Tian brother." Lu Ling Xi politely say hello to play. "Plant is dead, whether naturally consume little power saved?" Li Weisheng played a greeting, looked proud QiuJun Lu Ling Xi an, Li Weisheng in his eyes let them unload their relations in the past and still explain. His face with a provocation, Lu Ling Xi is a look ignorant, for private simmering fully understand. Brother Lee look in the eyes reluctantly shook his head, seems to have to go and say hello Qiu Tian gardening, do not give the child into trouble. "Or two meat buns?" Tian Jun buns while she asked to take one. Along the way, Wang Chaoliang happily to Yan and Lu Ling Xi introduces the scenery along the way, where he spent a few months, this road ran numerous times on every passing places are familiar. Ye Kang Hey laughed: "I have enough to write a metamorphosis is a deliberate disguise how close the paper behaved boy." Yan also the more such a question, they have not seen for some time, the conversation soon turned elsewhere. Lu Ling Xi edgeways, attention is put back on the Rubescens. Sulang this is not to mention, he has been going on I forget things. Leukemia, bone marrow transplant, if they really Sulang developed a cure, can ease pre-leukemia enough. Ling Xi Lu thought of plant evolution, mind abruptly a move. Sulang can say Rubescens isolated a oridonin that evolution had rubescens isolated this substance will effect better? Especially this strain or variation rubescens, it is not the effect will be more different if evolution? Lu Ling Xi keen sense out of his bad mood, thought his head and said: "?? Yan Brother you upset you because I heard you talking on the phone in the car yet." Sitting on a car Yan Yue, Lu Ling Xi also cooked up with him, a smile playing immediately say hello.

Lu Ling Xi slightly surprised a moment, but it is shaking his head, explains: "is a variation." He has thought well, in which a little knowledgeable customer say these plants mutated. In case if the other asking specific hybridization process, he could not be too troublesome. Ling Xi Lu in the bookstore to buy a lot of books, mostly of flowers planted on farming and the like. Yi-Hang boring behind Lu Ling Xi, do not know what these books look good. Black would have heard more movement Yan, quietly lying on the floor looking at him. Yan touched the big black head, now is not that he refused to let the Black Shangkang, but burning hot kang, a large black own attitude up. Xiao Feng and Lu Ling Xi pack are relatively simple, changed clothes, a little dot on the makeup like. Wang Shuxiu more trouble, inside and out to take care of four or five, had to do modeling. Xiao Feng is not urging, patiently sat waiting for Wang Shuxiu makeup. Although winter dormancy, but the willow body vitality is still very strong. Lu Ling Xi looked up at the taller vaguely seems some big willow, imagine the scene after it evolved again. Small gray listened called twice.

"Okay, just two bars Kazakhstan, but also do not bother to change the name." Kang leaves the final word. Ling Xi Lu and Wang Shuxiu night, Xiao Feng Xiao Hong went to see together. See, Wang Shuxiu great emphasis on this meeting, but also specifically to go home changed clothes.Retinoic acid Tretinoin Lu Ling Xi hesitated a few seconds, said: "Either you had it here, I'll try." Lu Ling Xi ward people out early, almost hear the whole process. Although they usually despise Wang Shuxiu, but now it is Wang Shuxiu greatly improved. Tian sister first to stand out, refers to a water landing reproved. Other family members have chimed ward, you made me a language dig a water landing.

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