Methyl 3-aminocrotonate

He was such a hesitation, the Yen has seen what he meant, "or go to the flower garden will sit, just Kang Ye also, Zheng Zhuren just ask how to progress the production line." They arrived, the nearest Sulang has arrived. He was alone in a box holding a cell phone does not know what to see. Hear the voice box to open the door, close the phone with a smile Sulang looked in the past, "how so slow?" Yen more "ah" sound, no openings ask young father gone.

Lu Ling Xi: "......" She said simply, Lin Mei put away the joke of the mind, with a sigh, really is not the way people. Not that other, that the high level Yongliang and flowers of life, experience is completely different, even if the moment is skin deep attracted, no point common language will simply not been together. Although peak brother said it than others abroad to come back nicely, really want is to live, but not to the others looked nice. Tricycle galloped all the way, and soon stopped at the door of an ordinary farm house. Man relieved, greeting people at home to open the door quickly. Usually around this time basically you can not see shadows, but today I do not know how it happened, the next door neighbor heard the car rang out with them specifically say hello, "Lai three back?" "where?" White far muttered, "I would think that the third brother is now very good. You do not like Fengcheng a brother of that girl? She previously despise us, and now to the third brother in front of her a push, did not properly properly problem." This is Uncle Lee doubts about the place, he shook his head, "has not seen Ah Wong, could not find a small stone from the beginning have not seen Ah Wong." Lu Ling Xi into the store, get better up unprovoked. Dulin shop may be small, but very neat inside the pack. Wall split level take several shelves filled with lush colorful plants. Shop center is a circular booth, camellia pots Begonia opened brightly, large-sized color rich and gaudy flowers, green leaves decorated in the center, very eye-catching. The left wall - a slip is positive flowering of various flowers, can be described as flourishing contests.

Lu Ling Xi faint from the phone to hear the voice of the peak brother, looked a little strange to hang up the phone. "A more How about you? Your thoughts?"Methyl 3-aminocrotonate Yan did not mind the "only happy when Sulang, which also spare investigated these?" Lu Ling Xi said no more, but the look of the show is his insistence.

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