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Yin Yan two were expecting a good, or whether it is the company's consolidated pre-marital harmony and Yanshi Hui Yin Ching Lan all very well, but no one would have thought that the two personalities do not find and after marriage, leading to conflict. Yan Yan Shihui temper chilled the father, most of the focus was on the business. Yan Yue Qing Lan Yin mother happens to be coddled childhood grow up, patience and self-naive, always need to be holding in her hand. Yanshi Hui needed was a family business could help him take care of a good wife, and Yin Ching Lan want is everything to her as the center of a good man. In such fundamental differences, the two feelings of a complete breakdown. The first derailment is Yanshi Hui Yin Ching Lan several times in a row soon after to pursue their own happiness. They were acquired a mistress and their children, the more she became superfluous color man. Wang Shuxiu Trustee can inquire after the peak brother said that the house is really appropriate. The price is very reasonable, and good location, not chess room, the surrounding traffic is also more. She was a little worried to miss this opportunity to meet other house half past the right house how to do? We can not rest on its laurels. Besides watching the little bastard hard from morning to evening every day, although she did not say, but also know the outside money is not easy. Recently little bastard have to scale flower garden, it does not need the money? Yan can not always owed more human feelings, that's outrageous. She thought earlier to earn money but also to patronize patronize brat. Uncle Lee said before the big willow Yan seen it grow in the small courtyard not far from their place. Willow tree is said to have been a long fast a hundred years, two adult men have looked at the trunk rough, a man collapses are not holding back. The last time he and Lu Ling Xi go home for dinner Uncle Lee also talking about the tree, juvenile also later joked that if they have a nursery, breeding skewer inserted to prune from the old tree. I heard that people are so close to doing that is a small willow tree willow breeding have long leafy, very healthy. I did not think this would be struck by lightning.

Greenhouse farming with soil inside the peak is the brother from Yan pull over there, do not know where to look for more color, which laid down layers of soil, the seeds are basically soaring, on top of a few days seedling. Until the time of harvest is unexpected, we can say is a large harvest. They did not go long, a few sturdy physique, dressed in costumes of the local ethnic minority man from behind a tree a few people turn out rough, Yinhen eye on the direction of the three disappeared. "FML, see the car, the latest Jaguar." Xiao Feng drying natural, learning the way to landing Lingxi wiped his four big black claws, smiled and said:. "Line, Konishi get up, go to Konishi it." Hear his name, big black whispered into the microphone shouted. Black lazily from Lu Ling Xi stuck his head out of the pocket, spit spit Nobuko, as to what to say, do not know Ling Xi Lu. Wang Shuxiu to spit, pull landing Lingxi into the house, locked the door to direct water off a land on the outside. Yan micro hook the mouth, casually said:. "I was just revealed by Ya Yin people to research progress and Sulang few Huo Weiping, the other may not be my thing." Lu Ling Xi nodded, he actually can not believe. Although the day he finished with, it has been suggested that the panel of successful treatment, but he waited until after rooting Clivia again put down the heart, convinced that he is really saved over this strain of Clivia. Ling Xi Lu Wen long time did not smell anything, the color of the more funny on the eyes, down his arm somewhat embarrassed. "Yan brother you going to finish off a fake?" Lu Ling Xi thought he busy day thing today, asked one.

Room Wang Shuxiu with doctors pull, twenty patients in bed to start slowly with movement. "The families of patients surgery is very successful, currently belong to the body of unconscious self-healing, should soon wake up, you be patient, and so on." Ling Xi Lu Yan and her mother did not know the water on the land a thing actually unexpected unified views. He gave a big black after the bath, the habit of carrying a large black book looks. "Quickly, and you and I get that done, your mother let me take you to the streets of it." But the heart of the plant is no force of nature, the idea flashed, Ling Xi Lu could not help laughing feel too greedy. Last accidentally saved the large flowers Clivia got a little force of nature rewards, and found the effect of natural forces so special, this time he could not help but look up and think really greedy. For him, this strain can save wild Chunlan is already the largest reward. "? How could" Wang Shuxiu men kept alive, with Lin Mei chatted: "There is not the way people." Yen more will be looked at him, her eyes deep as the constant ancient stars. A long while, he was raising his hand to cover Ling Xi Lu's head, slightly inaudible sigh loudly. "I have something to go back to the things we'll talk." Sent away several cub, Xiao Feng contemplating have to buy a few cars, and then rented out a few booths, a few men were left in the vegetable garden staring, sub out a few run transport, the rest they are sent to the stand by them to toss. Lu Ling Xi Puchi laughed, turned around and looked at the sparkling eye color more. Yan look more calm, he is not embarrassed and said:. "There are black, we all belong together are the small West family"

Host plants in the spirit of interference, whether forced open evolution? He watched two fly Samsam smile, "she cried quite a sore throat, eat a Run throat."

Easy route disgruntled stare at him, "What is the evil, the youngest amnesia you do not know." Ling Xi Lu reluctantly agreed down, looking at his face more soft heart, "Next time, for whatever reason, are not forced Xukai Qi plants evolved."The blue cyanine B Kang Ye know is this, shrugged, then I remembered another message. "Yes, two days ago I found another message on the home land, but unsure of true and false." He did not guessing, straight and said: "Lu Jia rumors, Father Lu on the outside had an illegitimate child, and a grandson . " Andrzej silent smile, a big step toward more color around, could not help but have some doubts. He had heard from Yan Ye Kang there more recently fell in gentle, he was rather reluctant to leave. The longer he followed the Yen, the Yen has been viewed more as a robot. I heard that Yan had more people like, really surprised. He wanted to come, since the Yen has a girlfriend, how can that little change it. Who can know ye saw the Yen, the other party actually askew indifferent look. Do not know him this way, the other is how to stand his.

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