Crotonic Acid

Lu Ling Xi hear amnesia, man lengleleng "really amnesia?" "There are so when the father do?" Yan took more funny card, he knew this would happen, and sometimes he also strange that this principle of juvenile adhere to in the end is how to develop for.

Lu Ling Xi enjoyable here, Xue Tong holding back to buy begonias is experiencing a problem. Other family members came up with the ward does not have a stop, and all looked good show with great interest. Twenty patient is an eighteen-year-old boy, do not look a Wang Shuxiu a son, but on the surface it looks like she really is not such a great son of a mother. Ye Kang promised down, but ...... his gaze fell more color behind the car. "Nothing." Yan replied higher the sound, Lu Ling Xi holding back the house. "I went to open the door to Uncle Lee." He said, quickly dressed, "Konishi not afraid of it?" Cub laugh together, "shed more lively than here, how boring, and computer say it." Yan smiled and hung up the phone, looked at Ling Xi Lu, "We go first." Qiu Tian gardening is the largest Fengcheng a garden center, on the outskirts of Fengcheng has a large flower garden and nursery. Qiu Tian gardening boss called Qiu Tian, ​​so many years of operation down, and some of Fengcheng municipal units have good cooperation, has always belonged to these units fixed suppliers. Li Weisheng unit is one of them. This time ...... Wang Shuxiu sighed a few days beating Lu Ling Xi tone then. Anyway, no matter from leave, she will not dig for land and water a penny. Thought of this, Wang Shuxiu quickly find the house real estate license. The last time she forced water landing a name to the house of Ling Xi Lu, Lu is the fear of a lost dog eat dog fight water house idea. She will also be bidding Lu Ling Xi few, do not be a land and water that the old bastard lied to the house to sell. "I am also for Hello, this car is too blatantly. I put my bike back to public soon scrapped give you up, never let you into the crowd, a little inconspicuous."

Easy route Hey smile, foot pedal down, Lu Ling Xi quickly wearing a seat belt, silent stare an easy route. They turn left, turn right, Lu Ling Xi only to see both sides of the house more and more broken, fewer and fewer high-rise. Easy route to him, "This is the south of Fengcheng, guess you do not remember. The original quite busy here, all underground coal, there is a Feng Luan Coal Mine Group Behind this are the underground coal mining empty, Feng Luan Coal Mine Group also moved out there want to develop open business here, a look at the following results digging foundations were all empty, there is no way to levy. after these things came to nothing this man to develop a the result is that more and more broken. Even though we broke the cell, compared to this one is really much easier. " Finally separate the two and so on, Lu Ling Xi go to two giant trees photographed with long, Wang Chaoliang is squatting on the ground carefully watching a white strains, the Yen holding a bottle of water handed it in front of Ling Xi Lu, "Tired?" Full name Qianlao money Yuanzheng, a retired vice president of the Association of Fengcheng flowers, also known gardening engineer, a plant belonging to hardcore enthusiasts, for many years has been engaged in research and the introduction of plant species cultivated landscape resources and so on. He did not say that curiosity is false, can engage in a lifetime of Qianlao flower plants, deeply understand the principle, nature magic sometimes not human can imagine. He looked at the top of this strain of Rieger begonias not the slightest trace of crossbreeding, exactly like a begonia evolution, yes, but not a mutation evolution.

These people investigated again, no one has noticed secretly attached to the deck below small black snake. Big black squatting in front, staring warily deck until everyone is out of the room, it just slowly walked around the Fang Lei. Ground Huskies also seems to know Dongzhi girlfriend in it, carrying two front paws over his eyes, like a man ashamed.Crotonic Acid "No, on this plastic pots of it." Lu Ling Xi enlarged position of the large willow, surprised at some of the large display to Liushu Yan roots. From the village up to the other end of the village, the entire village following all the big willow tangled roots, like countless tentacles firmly adsorbed land.

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