Methyl Crotonate

He spoke some wandering eyes, face look more juvenile judge looked like a pair of old movies countless times, only a background to know what the story behind it, but it only needs a look Ling Xi Lu, he I know teenagers lying. "Over the years by the big black days favor." "Let's go back." Yan more scowled suddenly he said.

Her roll in the community for many years, the families of the ward when her eyes flashed occasionally despised her mind clear. She does not matter, do not like her intent Lu Ling Xi was looked down upon. Now Lu Ling Xi amnesia, finally reversing the image of punks everybody's eyes, she does not want to be these three little bastard ruined. No way the hair is black, have to face wash. Today, Xiao Feng himself say, like her special report, as Wang Shuxiu is what my heart can not tell the taste. She does not speak, Xiao Feng did not speak again, the kitchen sometimes quiet. Both bow work, it would not seem awkward, but a kind of feeling of tranquility breeding, such as thousands of ordinary families. Dulin laughed, greeted the two men into the store on a wicker chair and sat down. "How do you come, something?" Wang Shuxiu see him affectionately took a slap in the face, "the little bastard was over, waiting for you for quite a while." This cry uncle called Xiao Hong merry face, laugh again. Lu Ling Xi Carter, he took out from his pocket a drum capsule capsule envelopes handed over. "Come on, holding a small West, just like what to buy." Ling Xi Lu Yan Yue no doubt, he would be seen sitting in front of that person told Wang Shuxiu bad. "Anyway you still blame me eccentric." Yanshi Hui angrily. "Yan brother looked a bit cold, but the cold surface of hot, in fact, is a good man." Drum face him this look really cute, Lu Ling Xi laughed, nodded with.

His attitude and good, Wang Shuxiu not good then people rush out, it made them stay in the room, holding his own mug to go outside to do the dishes. Since the last out of a force of nature, he has been to find ways to not collect any point a force of nature. But now it actually owes disposable panel five-point force of nature. Luckily rubescens finally evolved, although the panel does not prompt rubescens evolutionary direction. Lu Ling Xi carefully put rubescens pots placed behind the cash register, ready to take home at night to the Yen. "Mom, Peak brother." Lu Ling Xi some hesitation shouted.

Tuoliaokuzi small stones coming along, facing the side of the tree in urine up. Urine After that, he began to slowly wear pants. Before he could put on, the man behind impatiently directly lifted him into the car. Taking advantage of the moment to close the small stone looked outward, A yellow figure in the street flashed. A yellow know has been followed, small stones obediently sat back on the seat. Yen Vietnam did not speak, just looked at him slightly evoke the mouth.Methyl Crotonate Ling Xi Lu and Wang Shuxiu night, Xiao Feng Xiao Hong went to see together. See, Wang Shuxiu great emphasis on this meeting, but also specifically to go home changed clothes. Father leaves some regret, he has been all kind of optimistic about the Yen. "Unfortunately, the kid does not like girls, your little cousin just graduated, and the kid it very good match." Here, Father leaves suddenly looked suspiciously Kang a leaf, "Kang You've been dodging refused to blind, not would also like boys, right? who do you like? a more? or that the assistant a side? you do not like the police, right? "

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