Disperse Dyestuff

Ling Xi Lu and Wang Shuxiu night, Xiao Feng Xiao Hong went to see together. See, Wang Shuxiu great emphasis on this meeting, but also specifically to go home changed clothes. Uncle Lee grateful heart, again and again to ensure that he will be optimistic Xu Third, do not let what Xu three dynamic crooked brains. Yan smiled more, he dare not afraid of Xu Xu three three have any thoughts. Lee uncle do not know, the last three Xu Ghost Ship was really a child. Uncle Lee did not even looked at, he did not dare to do. The Yen saw more black with a big past, Xu three legs shake. The more I heard Yan hired him at night in the flower garden the night man, Xu three have been prepared to agree, I heard that to take care of the dogs, who are almost soft. Twenty years ago, two Yin Yan marriage, Yinjialin only daughter married the Yan family's only son. Yan Yongde on such a daughter, all huge fortune as a dowry. Yinjialin company incorporated logical Yen family, and co-founded the Temple Group. Two conventions, and future heir Temple Group is the only clear blue Yin and Yan Shihui children.

This is the name of the old man finished, another stood up and followed the old man is very thin and nodded. They seem to be activists, soon carry a white plastic buckets and a few bits and pieces of the tool from a corner in the garden of a small house locked up. Physique extra baggage that were old open plastic barrels, poured some brown particles, diluted with water fusion, the action is very skilled. Another tall, thin old man connected water, begin debugging tools. Twenty minutes later, Ling Xi Yi Lu Hang lost insistence, brought him to the cousin opened gardening shop. Yi-Hang cousin called Dulin, is a very hearty girl. Her shop area is not large, that looks about ten square meters, and its name is called micro-gardening. Xiao Hong did not mind, "There are a number of these things, put a burst gone. So once a year also, so that small West lots of fun." He turned to Lu Ling Xi, "When will you go with firecrackers accompany uncle, uncle the most good. " After a routine for watering tomatoes, sitting on the balcony opening Ling Xi Lu white panel. Simple things return home the return home, Wang Shuxiu manage begin to cook. Peak brother moved out, although those people refrigerator, but other basic kitchen did not move. Wang Shuxiu rummage looked at, and some vegetables and meat is left, she and Lu Ling Xi enough to eat two meals a. Xue Tong Couqu, "Xue Shushu there." "Father? Father planned how long?" Black came over, stick out your tongue licked Lu Ling Xi chin, muffled cry. mom……

Two Ye Kang Ha not drag, turned gently to change strategy hop leaf flew Kang who is licking is called, very warm. Lu Ling Xi made an effort, careful hand on the white dot in the panel. Burst water, blue flash, the central black panel screen lights up, a pot of slightly withered spider plant appeared in the screen above. Chlorophytum is next to the small print three lines: Until hang up the phone, Kang leaves only think of one thing. Yen more like this lack of affection childhood, a serious lack of security if people find favorite people, the majority will exhibit called "skin hunger syndrome" symptoms. This symptom is a popular point, the other side will be a strong attraction will be uncontrollable want to reach the other side, I want to touch each other. He did not know how to face the emotional progress, if not happen, no matter the case, the more it can only hope Yan learn to control their reaction, be careful of his mouth was as a juvenile metamorphosis. Euphemistically the situation they encounter with Lu Ling Xi spoke again, more I thought Yan Lu Ling Xi heard these angry, who knows teenagers listened in turn comforted him. "Did not you say Big Brother Yan environmental value of these Chlorophytum than economic value? Evolution of plants have never been to make money, but to improve the environment. As long as customers buy Chlorophytum evolution after it, is not from our hand where to buy really does not matter. As for those with ordinary Chlorophytum deceive customers horticulture business, the customer is not stupid, certainly taken after discovery will not buy. do bad reputation, then, or ultimately to bear the consequences of their own, we do not required angry. " Plant Requirements: dwarf Yen more nodded, seemed to inadvertently said: "? You did a good job here, have not considered the next" "Go to bed early." Yan Lu Ling Xi rubbed the head. Botanical name: a variation rubescens Yan Yan Shihui staring at the face, trying to judge his real thoughts. Yan Yan Shihui not care about the past how to think, and now want to know the mind can not see the color more. He had the feeling of dignity offended, this is not the first time. Yan from the more telling him to stay in the country began to suddenly shot Yinjialin sold shares in Yanshi Hui Pu angry that he lost control of involution, while more angry is that he lost control of the Yen. Dr. Su Ling Xi Lu mouth Mingjiaosulang, is one of the doctors Laris An earlier. Ling Xi Lu in the past often followed Laris security hospital, one to two to also know Sulang. Sulang Lu Ling Xi is to take care of, to some extent, he sympathized with the situation of Ling Xi Lu, but he can not say as a doctor accused of acting lujia words. He can do only after Lu Ling Xi marrow biopsy done again, silently comforted that most of the time very quiet boy.

Lights hit him in the black dog, the Yen saw each other's eyes. There are vigilant, there is alienation, there Henli, but more of a desire to survive | look. Yan is more difficult to explain how it is, it seems to be the dog's eyes move, stop and hold the handlebars dog got all the way to find this pet store. Xiao Feng and Wang Shuxiu together, really want to thank the "rain" the matchmaker.

Where a policeman would like to continue to ask, Fang Lei interrupted him, "true and this case has anything to do, we are here to solve the case did not come to listen to the story." But Xiaonian Qing said, and the spirit of water village conflict touches a clue, you can go to the village to see the spirit of water. Lu Ling Xi: "......"Disperse Dyestuff Shook shrill little tail, small black snake climbed the corners of the carton, efforts began to climb toward the top. Fertilizers are put before the Yen find this carton is not how high, only 60 centimeters. Taking into account the small black snake "IQ", the more I Yan 60 cm is sufficient. Besides a large black out there in guarding it. Dinner for two is already more than nine, Ye Kang in downtown Beijing have their own house, the more a person Yan Yan drove back to the mansion. Yan mansion located in Beijing's most prestigious at the foot of the Fragrant Hills, an area of ​​broad, is an antique four into the courtyard. When Yan Yue grandfather built this year Zhaizi and think of Yan Jiazi Sun flourishing, beauty and a beautiful life together. Unfortunately, until the old man died, the mansion owner Yan Yan and only three of the parents and the Yen. Still later, the parents leave young Yan Yan were moved out of the house, the owner of this house also left the Yen a person.

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