Solvent Dyestuff

"A more how can admit mental illness? What does it mean he? I do not blame is take good care of him?" "Who?" A neighbor schadenfreude, in the district not far away from AGF * cell, some time ago had just a cell within the Greenbelt Plan became a full parking lot, a parking space outside to sell a hundred thousand dollars. The results of this rain down, the entire parking lot an ocean, the water inside the car were all to have sunk. AGF was jealous of this cell is not nobody thousands of dollars, the result now who say that money does not matter, the change say the importance of the environment.

Yan got off the phone back to the room, Miss Ling Xi do not seem to notice. And other juvenile look after look at what the Mei Feng Yan micro pick, not only did not bother Lu Ling Xi, but carrying a black stuffed into a drawer, from a sit beside the Ling Xi Lu. "Can not begin with!" Take medicine nurse came in hastily cried, but she too late. Wang Shuxiu strange facial expressions together, so a dog, there are people rushing to raise? Now even the little bastard is really not lie cheat. Her heart did not mind, his face took out random said: ".. Trekking, what can you say what was it called, oh, yes, he is a good big black dog" Few Extra Pounds old man after the initial accident, and soon hearty laugh. "Young people want to help is a good thing to come, I'll teach you how to use." The more relaxed attitude Yan, Lu Ling Xi also followed down the heart. They were packed with six less than back home. 301 door to door is the Xiao Feng. "How to do?" Nurse panic look to the Dongzhi. In fact, he is said to be a small garden on the ground floor of the households own a small piece of open space, outside the fence around the others to enter. Wang Shuxiu not previously thought manage these small overgrown garden which, looking at the mess. Ling Xi Lu in the hospital after discharge should also think about what these kinds of tomatoes, this is simply a small piece of open space to prepare for him.

"Konishi, noon to eat what you want?" The driver has been quietly plays in the background: "......"Solvent Dyestuff Easy route is completely unaware of the danger, grinning conspire in front of Wang Shuxiu. "Sister good." Yan heard the mouth slightly, his eyes a little smile pouring out.

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