From small to large, the Yanshi Hui life is considered smooth. He is the only one failure and Yin Seiran marriage. After that, whether living or business, he never tasted the taste of defeat. Yen on the arrangements, and he mentioned not without opinions, but he got used to control everything, can consciously control his son. Let him think that, but why is that he felt able to control the son gave him a fatal blow. Lu Ling Xi think he needs to try to contact the family, if the other party is really in his body, he will try to swap back and the other body. The other is not him, they each have their own life trajectory, he can not arbitrarily replace each other's existence, but can not replace the other side of his selfish existence. Although it was the presence of his subconscious to want to escape ...... "Roar."

If Lu Ling Xi thoughtfully prepared a card to let Wang Shuxiu moved, then a regeneration of what is to let Wang Shuxiu up angry. She bluntly pinch Lu Ling Xi face a, Liu Mei stood, "Your mother I have 42, and you can feel raw?" The district has almost 20 years of history. After decades of trials and hardships on poor maintenance together with the entire community looked very old. Some have begun to peel off the external wall, the wall is more black, covered with moss. Inside the cell, although there are flowers and grass, but the impression is very disorganized. Take two steps garbage piled everywhere, more casually residents built a small shed. Rafflesia flower, also known as Carrion, a fleshy parasitic herb, is the world's largest of flowers. The biggest Rafflesia currently found corolla diameter of 1.4 meters and weighs 10 kilograms, has a world reputation Kao. But Rafflesia origin, mostly in Southeast Asia there rainforest, Queenan opposite side is very rare. "What?" Yan noted that the reaction does he looked over. Father leaves some regret, he has been all kind of optimistic about the Yen. "Unfortunately, the kid does not like girls, your little cousin just graduated, and the kid it very good match." Here, Father leaves suddenly looked suspiciously Kang a leaf, "Kang You've been dodging refused to blind, not would also like boys, right? who do you like? a more? or that the assistant a side? you do not like the police, right? " Zhaolao reluctantly shook his head, indicating Lu Ling Xi, "he is like this, where there is one that is good for non-Dequkankan blue, Konishi you do not take offense." Yan heart of a more flexible, although the juvenile tried to calm, but her eyes are very disturbed. He was a bit distressed, light laugh: "I also would like Konishi is no secret how you say the last part of this secret man fell asleep.." Wind, big black ears pricked up, his eyes moistening his finger Ling Xi Lu, quietly lying on his feet. Yan took more funny card, he knew this would happen, and sometimes he also strange that this principle of juvenile adhere to in the end is how to develop for.

"Bah, ya!" Wang Shuxiu furious, "This house is my son, and you land a water fight TM think about the idea of ​​this house." Wang Shuxiu did not mention about school, but Ling Xi Lu heart is not practical, and has been looking for a chance to talk and Wang Shuxiu. He also knows that education junior high school is a bit low, thinking about the future to save some money to go to night school to read a newspaper adult college or something, we chose the professional horticulture or agriculture, can be considered to apply their knowledge. Of course, this is what happened after. Compared to humans, animals, keen intuition to be too much. Black dog from the front of a wave of teenagers who feel very comfortable atmosphere, which some want to close this atmosphere. Unless of course the same as Lu Ling Xi white panel, otherwise no one will know Fengcheng underground is such a strange sight. The more reason to remind Ye Yan Kang, one thing you do not want to invest failure leaves home, and secondly, it is to be able to Nancheng leaves home a piece of land "opportunity" to give co-Pu. Zhaolao grunted at him, turned around and kind of landing Ling Xi smiled, "how? Konishi your body how to recover it? What think not?" Ye Kang smiling face, the heart is somewhat surprising exception. But for this address is Sulang tell him, he will think that Lu Ling Xi Yan mouth and the more he knew the more color is not a person. Xu is due to a special family environment, in the eyes of Kang Ye, Yan temper some of the more cold, with a strong self-discipline and a slight perfectionist. He not only strict requirements on their own, to the people around the same stringent requirements. Yan Yue life like a machine, step by step but there is no fun. Solve the problem of funds, after returning all his energies on high Yongliang Lu Ling Xi body, almost every day to spend time in the micro-gardening. After some time, the Yen under intolerable homeopathic agreed to cooperate with him. Not through cooperation with Xue, but directly and high Yongliang cooperation, the micro-gardening and horticulture Green Hin together into a high Yongliang suppliers. Yan and more clear that cooperation, the number of Begonia "variation" after the relatively small, micro-gardening in advance can only provide the quantity of high Yongliang experimental purposes only, you want to wait until next year a large-scale production. High Yongliang know this is the truth, reluctantly agreed to down. "Mom." Lu Ling Xi quietly standing beside Wang Shuxiu and call a cry. Wang Shuxiu not used to listen to him call his mother, he is also interested in the past and want to live apart, Wang Shuxiu being mentioned once, he had made no call mother. After Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu kick greeted with sight glanced gently leaning against the wall of the three. Through their age it seems this body should be friends, but they are really too strange dress.

Black some reluctance in his arms rub the rub, Lu Ling Xi patient feeling big black head, the commitment:. "I quickly came back." Lu Ling Xi wash effort here, Shaw hung a "3" to the district. Xiao Hong Shun also hold several boxes of firecrackers over, smiling for Ling Xi Lu said: "This is to Konishi you buy." Lu Ling Xi curious, he had seen such fireworks on television a few days ago Xiao Feng also hold several boxes back, but he never played himself.Crotamiton Sulang smile, looks moderate, "Andy has been restored almost, like people, can later life." "A more."

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