High-light Dyestuff

"The doctor did you say, my son, why do not wake up?" Wang Shuxiu Liu Mei stood, pulled the doctor would not let him go. Wang Shuxiu original gas to death, to see this scene could not help but laugh. "That's what you say you want to keep the dog?" Wang Shuxiu shut the door, rushed landing Ling Xi asked one. Black said again, seems to be landing and Ling Xi words.

Eating tomatoes, poured over water, land Ling Xi took it to the big black red mud red claws on, ready to pick up the book on the chair back to the house to see. Black whining crimping throat twice, seems to refute the words of Lu Ling Xi. Lu Ling Xi Puchi laughed, smiled and scratched his big black chin. "Ye third brother is not in Fengcheng? Help me check a person." Separated by a wall of the small courtyard, old dog crouched on the floor looking at Uncle Lee called a few times. Lee uncle sighed, before the third bully Xu Xiaojuan widows and orphans to take care of nobody, always go to the home Xiaojuan trouble. I did not expect such a small child small stones which are in mind, we found an opportunity to take revenge. This is the first few times, Xu three afraid of dogs, he let A yellow to scare Xu III. Konishi was next and talk, not vertical with small stones that again. And dogs can communicate is a good thing, but to be used on the right path, a small stone which the children can not go awry. Lu Ling Xi: "......" Lu Ling Xi: "......" The door, the door was about to face the hand put down directly turned to leave the Yin family. When it comes to marriage, the color looks as usual, like small talk the same. Suddenly Ling Xi Lu stunned, long time to react. Before he could back, he gained at the door cried, "Konishi brother we go see a sister." Lu Ling Xi said inadvertently, but Black is not suddenly stopped walking, and turned back toward the whispering cried.

Sulang think a lot of that moment, he felt faint familiarity in the land Lingxi body, he inexplicably close to Lu Ling Xi, as well as Lu Ling Xi exception concern rubescens ...... many issues wrapped around his heart, the answer is, in contrast, the Soviet Union Long did not think of going. Lu Ling Xi had just been sent to the hospital when they came, when Lu Ling Xi still wore a non-mainstream Rattus teenager. Xu is convenient to the hospital's sake, a young yellow hair were shaved with a clean, only a short board inch. His face painted colorful also washed off, clean face, coupled with the image of his mother's appearance is, indeed, a beautiful teenager. Police serious expression unconscious ease down, smiled kindly at him. When it comes to serious things, I gained a little ambiguity. "Find a good, all nearby village, Dapeng privately made inquiries, and recruit people who are considered farming players, personalities are also honest, no trouble stubble." Come late interest threw a landmine 八月桂花香 threw a ground Lei Wen threw a landmine

He hung up the phone, Lu Ling Xi still want something small stones. Yen closed the hands of the documents, punch landing Ling Xi smiled: "Fang Lei say anything?" Lu Ling Xi blinked, dazed, he did not want to hear more of the Yan Wang Shuxiu know he was here, though he did not understand why, but nodded. However, he was a bit embarrassed openings, "I now have to go back, or my mother to worry about."High-light Dyestuff The restaurant, the grandfather Yan Yan Yongde been sitting there. Yan Yongde was a gray-haired, hale and hearty old man. Perhaps older, sleep less and less, he was more than a day to get up at five o'clock. Fight boxing raise flowers, six sharp eat breakfast. Zhang certainly know what the listing means that a day earlier, but he is not much confidence in their own research. Huo Weiping followed before, when he was just Huo Weiping assistant, although he consciously than Huo Weiping poor, but on the upper Huo Weiping subconscious or some ease. "Miss Yin ......"

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