The blue cyanine B

Eaten a meal, the more back to 202 Yen, Wang Shuxiu washing dishes in the kitchen. Lu Yan Ling Xi endured find the idea in the backyard to change the water Wang Lian, Xiao Feng do not know when to stand beside him. Lu Ling Xi surprised, Xiao Feng is specially come to see him. "Xiao Shushu." Ling Xi Lu and Yu Xiaojuan find that small stones when small stones are sitting in a small three shouted: "I want to pee." Yen more some sit still, clenched the steering wheel, do not hesitate to look at the past.

Juvenile ignorant expression when speaking, when it comes to dead serious look, the more color teenager watching just feel the heart seems to be what grabbed as severe pain. He refused to take someone around, Lu Ling Xi reach out to embrace in the arms, gently patting the boy on the back, whispered to cajole; "Konishi You're drunk." Since the last accident, Grandma Wang's legs would not so agile, and had to pay attention to wind and rain. Grandma Wang Wang Chaoliang said several times, the king grandmother restless, not every day Getting around is a bunch of old lady shouted cells play croquet. Wang Chaoliang No way, Grandma Wang had to buy a few good warm pants kneepad, afraid Grandma Wang suffered a cold cold, it can still be blowing up. But also the loss of a leg, Wang grandmother and then not to doctor's words lightly. Xue Tong turn the idea of ​​a more conscious guessed Yan had come, the moment readily said:. "No problem, what we two relations, it should help each other." "Su brother certainly hope to put into operation one day earlier, he had said it wanted to invent a cure for leukemia treatment, so a lot of people do not suffer." Lu Ling Xi Having realized what some timid look to Yen more. Yan looked more indifferent, "Since I was six when they think I can be self-sufficient to survive alone in the old house, so no need to wait for me xxvii, they have to come back to pick up the role of parents want me I find fault with the living. " Teenager smile clean and clear, like a ray of sunshine into the hearts of the Yen. Yan mind emerges out of the juvenile, smiling stroking a big dog like, that crazy idea began shouting again. His eyes were dark, dark, deadpan turned his head, leaving a cold teenager in profile. Fang Lei on the phone is not convenient to say anything, just vaguely reminded Lu Ling Xi an, do not let his recent run around with a big black. The above will be how to deal with these things is uncertain, but at present, indicating insider be kept confidential. Ye Kang waited a long time until such a sentence, at a moment asked: "? Split personality," he thought continue to ask: "? You say that people usually do anything unusual." The spirit of water village, the Yen has been waiting there. Zheng New River out of the car a bit shift is not open eyes. Before he came was in early March, it will be the spirit of water village green are everywhere though, than the surrounding environment fresh gray chug a lot, after all, can be a little dull, but now different. Many Zheng New River utter the name of a village full of flowers, colored flowers flourish like a small flowers.

"Ah." Lu Ling Xi obedient closed his eyes against the back for a while and fell asleep.

Fang Lei one immediately said, "I go with you." Wash your hands before you eat on this matter, Wang Shuxiu feel trouble, brat but not go out much dirty work, even in bed for one day under the bed did not have anything to wash hands. Although she only think so, but fail to beat Lu Ling Xi's insistence, he will be forced to adapt to Lu Ling Xi habits. Lu Ling Xi Wang Xiushu or two to put on shoes, a pair of holding him to go wash their hands posture.The blue cyanine B Yan looked at him the more spoiled, "Like?" Xiao Feng enthusiastic response to his pale, schematic Wang Shuxiu, "she said to me that you rent a house."

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