Methyl Crotonate

"Where have you been, looking for you for quite a hurry, with me running a discharge." Ye Kang nodded solemnly. "Before you blankly or is, or is not even laugh mouth of the arc are like good advance actuarial also why I do not hold anything against you, you go to the students inquire inquire circles, who say you do not live like a machine. " Ling Xi Lu Yan hand clinging to the waist, his head buried in his arms, whispered excuse:. "I was not drunk, his mother would not let me drink my brother and I can not drink, brother in poor health, I to take care of my brother. "

Lin Mei Wang Shuxiu for some worry, Wang Shuxiu touches does not matter. But rather heard Xiao Feng Lin Mei Wang Shuxiu helped to introduce objects, three times a day to run a small restaurant inside. He did not say anything, that is, with leisurely around in Wang Shuxiu, watching what manual labor to helping a hand. Sometimes many guests, or guests there are people who know, Xiao Feng also never taboo, look out calmly greeted, did not know people still think Xiao Feng small restaurant is to open his own. Lu Ling Xi looked strange, three teenagers: "......" Lu Ling Xi, gazed at it for a long time, and snapping the fingers counted Yan, seriously said:. "II" Hang Lu Ling Xi Yi said it put down the heart. Now many people outside, he is not good to stay easy route, he said a few words hastily looked at easy route hurriedly ran down. They speak of the effort, the Yen has been greeted Ye Kang sat down, pulled poured him a cup of tea. "I know." Lu Ling Xi nodded obediently. Wang Chaoliang said field station located on the edge of pristine rainforest Queenan, where China is already approaching the border country, away from the Kunlun city quite a distance, and even Zhanglao Zhaolao want to go, do not worry they followed Lu Ling Xi go with. "Konishi come." Wang Shuxiu fried dish asked one. "Where?"

Good night's sleep. Lu Ling Xi Although there is no social experience, know this does not seem to work looking for. He thought seriously said: "Dulin sister, I love this job you can quiz me to see if I can not do the requirements of the job.."Methyl Crotonate Lu Ling Xi listen to the doctor talking about his operation to create a miracle. On the way the operation, he had once lost his vital signs, but a miracle happened, his heart stopped ten seconds after successfully beating up. He thought, perhaps surgery is not a miracle, but somewhere one kind of mysterious miracle. When this body's heart beating again, inside the body of the people is not the original Lu Ling Xi, but became him. The original owner of this body do? He is already dead? Or like him into a strange body, one originally belonged to his body? She did not say behind the words, but the meaning is very clear. This time Wang Shuxiu nothing to do, it does not go to a small restaurant every day, stay at home and read a lot of information about homosexuality. Initially Wang Shuxiu disagree Ling Xi Lu Yan and more together, but seeing no way to separate the two of them, she was in default while also thinking can understand more about the case of two men together. This understanding Wang Shuxiu immediately aware of a problem, and the Yen Ling Xi Lu simply impossible with the spirit of love, just as men and women have each other's bodies produce desire | look, men and men, too.

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