Disperse Dyestuff

Yan the hook the hook mouth, the snake did not feel completely at home so foolish. Black seems to be in it to understand Wang Chaoliang, non-stop excitement tossed tail, hissing cried. Yan Yue Ting understand what is called in the black, gently brought back the corners of the mouth. The right of a young man watching some hesitation said: "Brother, a look that is they do not understand anything tourist, I guess we did not see, or do not complicate the issue or the ......"

High Yongliang mood this time can be described as suddenly sad suddenly hi, like a roller coaster. "King of flowers you do not look down on people ah, our family are to eat their own food, look good is my good tends, who will be crazy to fight drugs." See Lu Ling Xi do not understand, Wang Chaoliang laughed, indicating the pile on the table, "Do not you Grandma Wang older, but do eat these snacks district is a must. Uncle Wang a child looking forward to the New Year to eat these. In recent years you Grandma Wang troublesome, too lazy to get up for several years. this year or specially made for the small and the large black West to eat, in order to take advantage of Uncle Wang eat a little, not dipping a thing. " Lu Ling Xi hesitated a few seconds, the end is not to hold back and asked: "how he now?" Aware of the problem wrong, Lu Ling Xi hide explained: "I say I am your friend exactly the same name, he What to do? " "Is it strange to know, his change is too big now!" The name brought back memories Sulang not willing to think about, he thought the police just punks mouth and his memory of the teenager the same name, but did not think the boy in front of even the appearance was actually a bit and he has memory Ling Xi Lu in similar, but even more amazing watching the boy in front of a number. "What?" Lu Ling Xi made with a curious expression. Lu Ling Xi promised a cry, took off his coat to go wash your hands. Coat pocket, stuck his head out the black stare, unblinking stare at the cake table, a trickle of saliva fall, Lu Ling Xi wet clothes. In a crowd did not pay attention when the black table close to the corner in the direction of travel of the past. Straight black squatted calm Lu Ling Xi's feet after his opening white panel, sharp eyes to look across the street direction, a cry of warning.

Separated by a door Lu Yan Ling Xi hear more what to say, he put the bed stuff it up and began waving the color box to find clothes.

Dongzhi looked embarrassed to send dog over man. Tall men, at least there is more than one meter eighty, stocky, handsome, a black suit looking at is not cheap. Maybe hold off the dog's sake, dip hem dress of a man a lot of muddy water, but he seems do not care, she has been firmly fixed on the operating table black dog. Chlorophytum promotion of these issues encountered, the more there is no telling Lu Yan Ling Xi. In fact, his heart is very contradictory, I can only hope that the juvenile has been worldly, to shield him from the wind and rain outside of everything, and if you really feel responsible for the boy, he would make a teenager to see the real world, rather than by his beautification over society. The more his face sometimes feel the mood quite like parents' children, because too much tension, so will trembling, overwhelmed.Disperse Dyestuff Lu Ling Xi somewhat busy these days, the Yen is also busy with the things of cooperation, both at night before going to bed is to talk Yen more time with his affectionate yet more disappointing not speak these things. Yan is also the thought of this, holding Lu Ling Xi said:. "Konishi If you like to go to school, we can see if there is no suitable school"

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