High-wash Dyestuff

Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng headache from the hands took the black, carrying it for a long time and only then go to the bathroom to wash the body cream all washed away, and breaking the black mouth looked activities activity black teeth. "You eat, then I have a toothache may matter to you." Lu Ling Xi threatening, but also some curious black things have to eat where. The cake was not much, but it is also the amount of 4,5 people to eat. Black man put a cake dig into a shell, it also can not see its belly drum. "Hey, hey, peak brother!" Lu took a water tight man wants to say anything. Fengcheng is located in mainland fault seismic zone, from time to time about the earthquake. The locals are used to it, no one seriously.

Wang Shuxiu wanted to do not understand, how the land have Lingxi amnesia can not remember what the school still so exclusive. Sent Lu Ling Xi go take a nap, Wang Shuxiu put away the dishes, a sitting room, counting her savings. "what happened?" Conversation outside end, Wang Shuxiu a pink low-cut skirt, ten centimeters high heels stepping on a swaying came. They gained will sit outside, about the inside of the finished anything, they have been hiding out a little too deliberate, so filled with arms around casually walked in. Wang Shuxiu're cooking, Xiao Feng stood helping hands spices or something. Not gained from peak to see what brother's face, but look peaks brother and flowers proprietress tacit way, it should be in a good mood. Brother and sister work in, gained a few of them idle is not good to begin with manage to move the table, set the table and the like. "Little boss you good." The other kind of praise Road. "Oh." Miss Su Ling Xi saw my grandfather not want to mention, also no longer continue with this topic. He did not take it upon yourself to contact, just think Sulang very unfortunate. Around the young man quickly stopping him, "Brother, why fuss with a beast." Almost unconsciously Lu Ling Xi released spirit scanning white panel surfaced. Yen more natural to go along, leaving the leaves when thought Kang also got cheated. Although he would like to work with the same last night stay directly in the countryside, but the number of orders and thinking, could not bear Lu Ling Xi tired minds prevailed. Ye Kang as a strong labor, can still play a role in point. Kang Ye know not what they do, confusedly I went along flowerbeds. When he regret the time, already we are living on the outskirts of farmland, but also want to return to go back. Three plus Uncle Lee, got eleven, finally the Lee brother to pot all ready.

Sulang in a telephone laughed, brisk tone, "Yan total to cast so much money, not the effect I am sorry to find you, right?"

Whether it is just Grandma Wang's family or just the Ye Hao Yan, no one would have thought for several weeks later, this Common Traffic Accident actually no clue. The police investigation in the vicinity of several days, was also asked to micro-gardening inside the case. Grandma Wang Ling Xi Lu has been knocked off work that day, and naturally did not see anything. But he specifically mentioned a large black reaction, as well as before the big black thing with the police knocked, suspect that is not the same person? The more color to his sparkling eyes, subconsciously laughed. "what are you guys saying?"High-wash Dyestuff Lu Ling Xi positive point is that, suddenly thought of big black. In case the panel movement is too scared big black how to do? He looked down at the big black, big black is squatting feet quietly at him. Lu Ling Xi whether to shut this issue on a large black hesitated a few seconds, squat body touched the big black head, seriously told: "obediently, hiding behind me, would be likely to be strange things happen, do not be afraid. " Lu Ling Xi look slightly shy smile, look away through the window to look outside.

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