Rafflesia is actually said just before a giant black bud, next to the staff leaving marks. Wang Chaoliang bud around in a circle, with some regret, "not to bloom when we see it is estimated that blossomed." "How much blood pressure?" "80" "Black!" Lu Ling Xi tilted called Black loudly.

Lu Ling Xi thought, "We are also very happy." Lu Ling Xi: "......" "Delivery is ......" Dulin some difficulty, she turn shop turn anxious, and Lu Ling Xi did not say clearly behind these problems, some worry about the kids hang out. Easy route Puchi laughed, "cousin." Lu Ling Xi's eyes instantly lit up, he has been thinking about how to earn more money, but also to the color of money, and then save some money to support the family so that Wang Shuxiu not so hard. If you really can open a shop online, then now would surely be a lot more customers. In the silent insistence Yen Lu Ling Xi compromise. His big black Lakaichemen schematically on the bus first, was about to follow up, the more sideways Yan opened the front door, and said: "Sit in front of it, some chaos behind." "I let him sad, how does he think of me?" Yin Seiran dissatisfied with the complaint, "he left the co-Pu, Hai Yen replace his position, how do we Yinjialin? Yanshi Hui looked at the combination that gave Cape cheap |? children who can not, I want to talk about your grandfather, since Yan sea can fit into the Cape, Xiaoya you can. " Xiao Feng this person is very interesting, today forty years old, single. He will come Fengcheng ten years time, from a bully Xiaohun to now, men have two chess museum, a part-time put usury. Lu a water money is owed to the Xiao Feng. These are not the focus of attention of Yan, Xiao Feng is focused on doing things very unexpected. He had a brother in the Northwest home, contracted a small private coal mines, there are about a quarter of the workers in the mine Xiao Feng is owed money. Xiao Feng Baochibaozhu these people, never withheld wages monthly payments, but each time the wage is sent to the hands of a warming cover, and soon they have to also into the hands of Xiao Feng. When repaid the money owed to Xiao Feng, whenever they left from there. Before leaving, Xiao Feng gave a toll plus half the cost of living to ensure that people do not starve to death on the road.

Wang Shuxiu thought a pound the table, "OK, you little bastard good people and bad not to say, he is not your partner do? Another day call home to eat a meal." His heart a little strange, obviously just got used to dogs barking, how can he hear this meaning to. Lee started uncle did not seriously, the dogs continue to divide the bone, called the results of the old dog. Cry uncle Lee fell ears, meaning changed again. It is clearly in the old dog is old, I could not eat a lot of bones, just give it something to eat on the line, save the bones to eat other dogs.Crotamiton Plant Name: Chlorophytum Lu Ling Xi a laugh. My heart but do not care. Really he was not afraid of competition, begonia is evolved, I do not see what's to come. Him this confident expression fall color of the eyes, itching of the face hand touched his face, "so confident, not afraid?"

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